Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fuzzy feet..

Fuzzy feet for the family...

Pattern from knitty.com, Winter 2002 issue with some modifications:-
I used (Araucania) Nature wool chunky, (mostly leftovers from the' stained glass' bag!)
Sz#8 DP's (If you have never knit a sox and want to try,this is an ideal pattern for learning how to turn a heel..pick up stitches..etc.. and any mistakes are felted away.)
I used a crochet cast on and after 14 rows picked up the live stitches and knit these with the ones on the needles to make a cuff.
I also carried a little fun fur with the yarn for Cath's and for the wee boys' I cut down on the number of stitches cast on. Because they have hardwood floors throughout their house, I also sewed on anti skid soles I made from material bought at JoAnn's..you know the stuff used for 'footie pj's'.
Needless to say they were all thrilled and the fuzzy feet were a big hit!!!!!
Merry Christmas.
Happy knitting,

P.S. Thanks to Lou's new Nikon D300 camera for the great picture!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mommy and the 'wee man's' sox...

I knit these for my stylist, colourist, brow -waxer!!! A Christmas gift.
Now I don't normally knit for folk who aren't related unless they are really good friends of mine ( and then they know that I have a knitting foible) because most people just don't understand the blood sweat and tears that go into knit gifts!!
I do not say that lightly...anyhow, I am hoping she'll see them as a novelty (gift)...as in wearing matching sox with her wee man!!!
Yarn:- Opal Rainforest collection
Colour:-Raupe (Caterpillar)
Sz:- #1 DP's
I just made up the pattern as I went along. I cast on 65 sts for Mom's and 45 sts for the wee man's!! I'm not sure how old he is....possibly 8months or so. I measured a pair of sox at 'Target' the 12-24 month size so I hope they fit..Mom is very tiny so I went with a K3,P2 cuff thru instep..this way the sox would hug her feet....same with the wee man's!!
Not much else on the knitting front...a few more gifts and I'll start a BIG project..UMM..maybe!!
Happy knitting,
As usual another lousy pix!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Little gems mitts....

Pattern:-Little Gems Mitts by Donna Kay from Interweave Knits, 'Holiday Gifts' 2007.
Yarn:-Finullgarn wool Gray and Cream (Gifted to me by my 'Sockaplooza' pal Magni from Norway. (Thanks!)
(I used 50grams total and have enough left for another pair using cream as the main colour.)
Sz 1 : D/P's
These are knit in the round with an afterthought thumb. (This was the first thumb of this type for me but I just trusted the pattern and it worked okay.) I also did a twisted rib instead of the usual K1,P1.
You were supposed to use maybe 5 different colours for the colour-work but I used just one and stranded the yarn ...even over 6 stitches...I just was aware of my tension at that one place on every eighth row!!! Do you notice the center stitch in the cream block...doesn't it look like a little heart..awww......so they could hold the love you need..well...at least the warmth!!!
I enjoyed knitting these and they went fast. I did find the individual fingers very 'fiddly.' (I don't think there is such a word but you get the idea!!!)
Okay, moving on to something else.
Happy knitting.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Sienna, with a twist.....

Seamed and I love it. Maybe it was the yarn, but I took my time seaming and I was pleased with the outcome. The sleeves are a little long but it's so warm!!!

I wore it Wednesday night when I went out with my friend Elaine and she raved about it..awww..but what does she know...she can't knit a stitch!!!!

Brrrrrrrr..do you see the snow on the ground...it had melted some when we took this pix!! So I guess I finished the cardi just in time.

Pattern:- Sienna Cardigan by Anne E. Smith

(Interweave knits Fall 2006)

Yarn:-Tahki Kerry 50% wool 50%alpaca..colour Sage.

approx. 9 skeins

Needles:- Sz 9 straight and circs (for the collar)

Modifications:- a 4 st (mirror) cable instead of the fagot lace cable.

(I did the right and left fronts first and counted rows!!! )

This knit up fairly fast.

Up next...some Christmas gifts.

Happy knitting,


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blame it on 'Ravelry'

What's this...!! Doesn't the button in the left hand corner proclaim "I am not a SWEATER knitter"
So what's up???
Well I took a seaming class and feeling full of myself decided to re seam my red 'Sienna'..just the set in sleeves, since I didn't feel they were up to par!!
What a disaster...I cut a stitch and unravelled more than the seam...yeah, some of the (R) front. I could have wept!!! I tried to mend it, using a duplicate stitch, darning etc....but no luck...it looks sooo shoddy!!! And I loved that sweater too. Oh well, I'll try and rip it (all) out and reuse the yarn for something else!!
Meantime I swatched some of my stash...namely:-
Tahki Kerry colour Sage (bought for the 'Spartan Pullover' a long, long time ago)..used Size #9 needles and got guage...(wow)...I did do a 'four stitch cable' up the front edges instead of the 'cabled faggot lace.' At present, I'm working on the sleeves. The seaming prospect looms large for me but fear is not in my vocabulary..at least not yet!!
I have been eyeing 'Mr Greenjeans' from Knitty for my next project....well a least it's top down and in the round!!!
Did I say I wasn't a sweater knitter??? What can it be....I can't understand why I'm drooling over cardi's etc..I blame it on 'Ravelry' where everyone is so industrious and their work is beautiful...just the motivation I need!!!!
I do have one lonesome sox on the needles.
Happy knitting,
(Sorry the pix is so crappy. Clearly, there is something also wrong with the date or I'm still living in the past!!!!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Grrrrr...tiger socks and lots of yarn....thank-you.

Look, look, these socks were knit just for me...and they are beautiful and a perfect fit and so well worth the wait!
They are from Magni who lives in Norway. She knit these toe up...a technique I have not yet learned!!
You can check her blog at:-


Magni, I love everything you sent and I will think of you every time I wear my sox....thank-you, thank-you!!!!

I can't decide (yet) what to do with the Norwegian yarn....probably sox with the 'FagStrikk' anyhow I know I'll have fun.
My package was waiting for me when I got home.
I also got an invitation to join "Ravelry".....and oh boy, I'm already sucked in, and can't do anything but explore the site...this obsession has got to stop...okay, maybe I'll stop to-morrow!!! (Yeah, right.)
Happy knitting,
P.S. Thanks Lou (and Mac) for the great pix...and thanks again Magni for the wonderful sox and goodies!!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Footies, booties and a button...

I finished Mac's footies, and knit a pair for James.
I used leftover opal yarn and sz#1 needles.
I was visiting Bonnie's blog:-
and she had used leftover yarn to make Saartje's Booties. (A free pattern from Saarjte.) They were so cute I had to try a pair!!!!
I used leftover Trekking and Lornas Laces on sz#1 needles. These are knit in one piece and seamed.
As you can see the 'grand Poobah'

made me a button for my bag...a fan shaped wooden one..aw honey thanks!!!!! Matches the theme of the bag don't you think?????
I have no idea what to knit next. In fact you could say I have the knitting "blahs." I want to feel excitement and an urgency to knit when I see a project that catches my fancy...but nothing so far!!!!!!!
Next week I'm off to Ireland....my mother requested a visit and when "she who must be obeyed" speaks we all listen. I will not be back 'till October and I will probably have no access to a computer unless I go to the library and book an hour now and again. I should be able to visit my favourite blogs......but I imagine comments will be few and far between.
Happy knitting.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag

Finally finished.
This is Madeline Langan's pattern at
It really does look like a stained glass window.
This pattern was easy to understand and a joy to knit.
The only trouble I had was what to use for the shaping. I found a plastic barrel like crock that worked.
I will sew in a little inside pocket and add a button. The grand 'Poobah' has made a button for me and I have another choice of a wooden toggle. We'll see...
My bag...
Dimensions: 13 1/2 " tall, 14 " across (same as version 1 on the pattern)
Bottom: 9 " in length and 7 " wide
Mine is oval shaped.
I used (Araucania) Nature Wool Chunky: (almost) 6 coloured skeins and (almost )2 of the blackish colour.
I used this yarn because I like how it felts (I have used it before) and also the heft of the bag.
I have never tried Noro; plus I had two skeins of the chunky!!
Sz:8 needles
Thank you Madeline.....
I can't wait to show it off!!!
Happy knitting.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Footies...for Mac

I decided to make my favourite guys footies.....and this is the prototype!
Well the hardwood floors (at their house) were just redone. Thank goodness.....no more splinters that always seemed to catch in the wool and embed themselves in the feet!!!! Owwwww....
I didn't want to start footie #2 'till I got feedback from Maryland....and Lou sent this pic...(thank you!)
Yarn:-Scraps of Opal and I used St Ives for the heel and toe.
Sz#1 needles
And Mac's happy. (Priceless)

Happy knitting,

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Second Pal..

Yesterday I signed up to be a sock saviour, and after reading my (new ) pals info.....I settled on these! I knit and finished these by May 30th..

I know I could have started knitting another pair but from start to finish it would have taken some time so I checked my sox stash. {Doesn't everyone has a yarn stash, so I'll bet they have a sox stash!!!!!} My pal had few preferences and since these are her size I'm hoping they will fit, and she'll like them.

I will include something special in her package and get it off tomorrow. She has been waiting all summer and I hope she won't be disappointed.

Pattern:- Child's First Sock from the book Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush

Needle sz #1 (2.5) Addi's DP's {most of my sz#1's are 2.25} and these needles are a little bigger

Yarn:-Fortissima Socka Colour:-1010 (raspberry)

Modifications:-I did a tubular cast on changed the decrease on the heel flap and did a complete shell pattern across the instep.

Monday, August 6, 2007

A mere indulgence...(in colour)!

I have started the 'Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag' by Madeline Langan over at http://knittingdream.blogspot.com/
I saw it on another blog and had to have the pattern. Okay, let's be honest here, I was dreaming about buying the pattern since I saw it!!!
I'm not using the same yarn or weight of yarn as she described so I hope it works out; nevertheless it's a nice knit so far and I (or someone) will end up with a big felted tote bag.
Can a girl have too many bags...ask my daughter. Most of hers tho' would be a lot pricier than mine.
Mine a mere indulgence in colour...hers a downright luxury!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ready for the feet..

Finally finished...mind you these sox were not hard to knit. As the designer said in her intro to this pattern she combined four complementary eyelet and lace patterns and it's really a lovely outcome. I just don't know how they would wear since the pattern extends thru the heel flap but they are nice to admire!!!!
Pattern:-Merino Lace Socks by Anne Woodbury From the book...Favorite Socks
Needles:-sz 1 DP's (the pattern calls for 2circ's)
Yarn:- "Cherry Tree Hill" in Loden
Because I adapted to DP's I had to cut the yarn at the heel flap to keep to the pattern and I hated to do this!
Happy knitting,

Monday, July 30, 2007

Knitted 'rag' bag

Doesn't this little bag look familiar...it is based on the felted..em..duffel, but is a little bag knitted with 2 different fabric strips. The 'Grand Poobah' tied the strips together for me and then wound them into balls..aw..."thanks honey." (He told me his Grandma crocheted rugs from fabric strips. She made her strips from old clothes.) Wow..at least my strips were pre-cut!!!
It is 7' tall and the base is 7" across.
I lined the bag, (I love the striped fabric...almost like ticking) knit an i-cord with the strips for a handle. The bag could be used to carry a small project and I'm going to send it to my sock pal. Working with fabric strips was very hard on my hands (no give with fabric, or very little) or maybe it was the sz 10 1/2 needles??
Tonight I will wash the bag....who knows..this could be a disaster..hence the pix!!!
The last two weeks are a blur. We had the grand kids ( 6 and 4) and boy, after chasing them, doing laundry, cooking, etc,etc, and keeping them entertained I was worn out. My "hat's off " to all the young folks with families, who still manage to knit and write a blog....I'm still recovering, but really we had a ball!!
I just haven't been blogging and I'm still working on the 2nd., 'Merino Lace Socks' I could dub these my 'forever' project!!!
Happy knitting,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The felted..em..'Duffel' bag?

Here is a little felted bag...I just needed a break from sox (I still haven't finished the 'Merino Lace socks. "tut, tut," shame on me!!!!) and as I had already done 2 mitered squares, I was thinking about building a 'wee' bag!
I will give this to Michelle my SIL of the "pair of socks" a day fame! She absolutely loves and appreciates a felted bag!!!!!
Okay...so how do you go from two squares to this?? I don't know, maybe I just wanted something different than a tote. This bag, to me, is reminiscent of a school bag we used in Ireland in the late 50's early 60's...yikes, I'm dating myself....we called it a duffel!!!
I used Paton's wool doubled approx., 4 skeins
Sz 8 circular needles
The 'Grand Poobah' drilled out a 45cent wooden 'candle cup' and then stained it and added a clear coat for the sliding toggle on the Icord. (Thanks honey)
The bag could probably have used grommets in the holes around the edge but unfortunately the 'Grand Poobah' doesn't have that tool in his arsenal...and I wasn't about to pay around 22 bucks for a one shot deal...I'm such a miser!!!
The bag is about 10" x 7"
I love the bottom circle.
What's next...well the Grandsons will be here for 2 weeks..yippee!
Happy knitting.

Friday, June 29, 2007

On the needles....

This is the first of the "Merino Lace Socks" by Anne Woodbury.

I was leafing thru my new book 'Favorite Socks'...and came across this pattern. The pattern was written for the sox to be worked on two circs (must clarify:- I have only used circs for felted bags or big knits in the round) so I decided to use my trusty DP's.

I liked the combined lace patterns and this is a nice knit since every other row is knit the knit stitches and purl the purls. You can see in the pattern chart (in the book) the editor forgot the dots(for the four rows of {2}purl stitches)..so the 'Grand Poobah' kindly filled them in for me. Thanks honey!!!!

I am using Cherry Tree Hill in 'Loden'..this is my first time using this yarn and I like it. My LYS...'Cultured Purl' in Erie Pa., just started carrying CTH..and I'll use it again. I always wonder how yarn will wash and wear!!!

The only thing I didn't like was to keep the continuity of the pattern thru the heel flap I had to cut the yarn and attach a new ball...I just hate having any extra ends to weave in!!!!

Okay..on another note but still sock related did you see the beautiful "Rainbow Socks' at
You really should check them out....I have added them to my to do list....along with numerous others.
Don't know how much knitting I'll get done over the 4th. but anyhow....
happy 4th...and happy knitting

Friday, June 22, 2007

"Ripple Weave" socks done....diamonds are a girls' best friend!!!!

After all the false starts, mistakes and ripping out I finally am able to show a pair of 'Ripple Weave' from 'Vogueknitting' fall 2006 issue by Charlene Church.
I used Gems Pearl 100% merino wool fingering weight; a little less than 2 skiens.
Colour:-Pink Panther
Needles Sz#1
Modifications:- I really sort of followed the pattern as written but did shorten the heel flap about 4 rows. I used a tubular cast on and did 6 complete diamond patterns..3 on the leg and then 3 more.
These feel wonderful...dense like heavy fabric..and could almost be reversible!!! They were by no means a quick knit and did require a little more concentration than other patterns I have done. If you were to make a mistake I think your only recourse would be to rip everything out because every row has something going on...either YO's or 2tog's!!!!!! Because of all my work I just don't know what to do with them...keep them or give them away??? I have made my pal the 'Edelweiss' socks from the same magazine but maybe I should give her these. I mean who other than another knitter is worthy!!!! I will decide before the Aug 2nd post date.
What's next...I just don't know??? Is the Traveler's Socks from the same magazine calling my name?? I do love a cable!!!!
Bloody hell....burn that magazine...
Happy knitting,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

'Happy Fathers' Day''

Just wanted to wish the 'Grand Poobah' " happy Fathers' day.....he really is a good guy, and now he's a wonderful 'Papa'
My son-in-law is a great father too....one of the best...'happy Fathers' day' to you too...I'm sure the boys smothered you with kisses and great big grrrrr's!!!

Yesterday I went trolling the local yarn stores and you can see my booty....I'm so easy!!!
Now there are sock patterns dancing in my head....and my fingers are itching. Well it won't be long 'till I'm done with the ripple weave; I am a one item (on the needles) woman and can't move on 'till I'm done.
But that's just me!!!
Happy knitting and again 'Happy Fathers' Day'

Friday, June 15, 2007


Love the new issue of 'knitty'........
Maybe because it contained two patterns for footies. I love a quick knit!
I'm still working on the 'ripple weave socks'...#1 is done and I've cast on #2...and we'll see how it goes!!! I'm not getting ahead of myself. No pictures 'till I'm all done.
The 'Grand Poobah' did say wow....so if he's impressed...well they must be okay! Could be he was feeling particularly benevolent this morning!!!
Happy knitting,

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A rippin' good time!!!

Okay, so I was sitting last night reading my pattern and comparing the sock picture in the magazine to mine (mind you I was all puffed up with myself for having completed three patterns and being ready to start the heel,) when I realized my ripple weave rib cuff did not morph into the ripple weave rib pattern..... Oh, my God, I was off a stitch!!!
[Compare above socks.]
What to do?? Would it be that noticeable...I consulted with the 'Grand Poo-bah"....and he said, "Who sees socks?"
My God I'd have to make a decision by myself...to rip or make a matching mistake?????
Well I haven't ripped yet. Let's see how things progress.
Lessons learned from the morphing fiasco......
1. Read the pattern and follow the directions.
2. The 'Grand Poo-bah' is never any help.
3. Do not publish any work 'till it is complete.
Happy knitting (and ripping)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The 'book' and the 'footies.'

The footies are done:-
I used Sz # 1 DP's (60 st tubular cast on, a 20 row cuff and an eye of partridge heel.)
I used leftover Claudia handpainted yarn, 'Begonia' and 'Wisteria'. I did one row with one colour and one with the next. On the first footie I did the row (colour) change on the bottom (middle of the heel) on the second I did the row change on the side. Maybe I was just improving because on the second one my tension is more even. So I would recommend the side yarn change where it is least noticeable.
Cath...yes, these are for you!!!
Enough about that; as you can see I bought the book "Favorite Socks." Let me justify my purchase by saying I had a 25% off coupon from Borders!!! I was pleasantly surprised to see a pattern by designer 'Candace Eisner Strick.' I will give it a try, probably when I can hole up and do nothing but knit, because the i-cord cuff may be a challenge.
We had a lovely visit in Maryland and James had a super birthday. Of course I went to the yarn store and made a wee purchase. I love the store 'ELEGANZA YARNS" and try to stop in every time I visit.
Happy knitting,

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Child's first Sock....has a mate!

I really think I'm going to have to wait, from now on, to post my pictures. It's a wee bit of an anticlimax when I have the second done and finally have a pair. Feels like we've been here, done that!
I did make a few adjustments on these...but nothing major. As usual, I used a tubular cast on. I notice I'm not a big rebel when it comes to modifications but....I do make a shorter cuff. Why? I don't really know. I didn't however play around or do any tweaks on my pal's sock!!!
I'm doing another pair of footies, just to have something in my hands, because this weekend we're off to Maryland...woo, hoo..and I need some mindless knitting for the journey.
I'ts wee James' birthday and he'll be 4. We're partying at "Chuck E. Cheese"...that's where I choose to eat for my birthday last year and it made the boys sooo happy!! Gotta love a place where kids are safe and can run and play like lunatics!!
Our weather has been beautiful, and today we are off to Marienville on the 'trike.' (Just to visit and tidy up the father-in law's grave.)
Happy knitting,

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back on the needles...again

'Child's First Sock' from "Knitting Vintage Socks" by Nancy Bush
Using: Fortissima Socka. Colour 1010...a lovely raspberry red.
Needles sz., 2.5mm it says US#1 on the label but this sz. falls between a #1 and a #2
I love this pattern and it's very easy!!
I thought about doing the pattern as a mirror image on sock #2 but changed my mind.
Here's what changed it:-
Me...should I do the patterns opposite one another?
Husband.....what for, it's only a sock.
Me....(remembering that silly commercial about the purple fabric) Well, you're only a man!!!!
Hee Hee...you have to love socks......
Have you noticed I've been using solid coloured yarn lately...I still love the others, but since I've been on a pattern kick, I don't want my work to get lost in the yarn.
In the new "IK" magazine I loved the motorcycle gloves and I will knit them for myself one of these days. I want to do one more pair of socks after I finish these, and then the gloves. I'll need them on the 'trike.'
Have you all been visiting the knit pligg you really should if you love socks..there are stories, pix etc....only one problem, you could spend hours looking and get absolutely no knitting done.
Happy knitting [and looking].

Sunday, May 20, 2007

'Embossed Leaves' socks

'Embossed Leaves' by Mona Schmidt
Yarn:- Wildfoote sock.....colour...Pine Tree
DP's sz #2
Modifications:-I did an eye of partridge heel
In case any of you think I'm some kind of "knitting machine" maniac, I did these for the 'socknitters' KAL before I had a blog, and I just wanted to show them off.
Well I'll concede, I'm told I'm a little bit of a maniac!!!!!! It does however take me a little longer than a couple of days to knit a pair. From what I hear tho' my sister-in-law can do a sock in a day. Now I haven't seen this feat for myself and considering she just learned to knit socks last year [I was visiting N. Ireland for me Ma's 80th birthday]and I taught her, I'm totally in awe. I do make the mistake of stroking, petting and admiring my knitting which slows me down considerably. I think I did see a sock a day KAL...wow...too much pressure.
Happy knitting,

Friday, May 18, 2007

Two "Edelweiss" socks....

I love everything about these socks..the pattern and the yarn and how smoothly they knit up. The only gripe I had was weaving in [all] the ends. Let's hope they don't unravel!!!!!!!
You know I really hesitated making these, but I did want to do something completely different, for my pal.
So, what's next..well I'm mulling that over...but I'll bet it's more socks.
Happy knitting,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Edelweiss sock

Pattern :- Edelweiss Socks by Candace Eisner Strick from "Vogue Knitting" Fall 2006
[I will look for more patterns by this designer.]
Regia colours: natural, red and black
Sz#1 DP's
I love the texture of this pattern, although I do think the sock looks sporty. I still have the ends to weave in and to start the second.
I hope my sock pal likes it...I know it's a little different.
Happy knitting,

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day......

These beautiful flowers were waiting for me on the porch last night. I wasn't expecting anything because I hate the hype and $$$$$ associated with holidays...but I was thrilled!! A big thank you to you folks in Maryland.
Hope everyone has a great "Mother's Day"
Knitting news...
I ripped out the "Child's First Sock"....it was just too narrow in the cuff and leg...maybe I should have swatched....but I just can't or won't. I will use sz#2's and make another pair for I loved the pattern.
I got my yarn for my pal's sock, and will show my progress soon. I don't want to get over confident and then end up unravelling everything.
Happy knitting,

Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm baaack

Started 'Child's First Sock' from "Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush."

Fortissima Socka Colour :1010

DP's sz #1

I did a 2x2 tubular cast-on and this is an easy pattern to memorize. I really like it. This book was a Christmas present from my daughter...thank-you.

Meanwhile I'm still waiting for my yarn order to come in for my pal's socks.

I had a lotta fun at the "Sheep & Wool" festival but only bought a tee shirt and a key ring...I'm a sucker for a souvenir!!!! I did love the buffalo yarn but it really wasn't in my budget. Wonder if I'd enjoy knitting with it??? (Guess I'll never know..sigh.) One irony though...the festival included a variety of LAMB dishes...can you believe it..and lots of folks were chowing down....I just couldn't look at the wee sheep up close and then enjoy them as a meal, but that's just me!!!!!

Happy knitting,


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hey Lou~Saved the sox.

I pulled Lou's [he's my favorite son-in-law :)] sox from the bushes and decided to try again...and I've made a little headway. [ Don't you just hate it when something just doesn't go as easily as you think it should???? Oh well...C'est la vie]

On the other hand, I think I really must be excited about knitting for my sox pal....I'm already plotting and planning!!! Also, I am going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool festival this weekend and I know I should probably hold off choosing a yarn or a pattern....but 'naah'....I'm "champing at the bit" to get started!
This will be my first time at the festival, and I've been to their site and checked out the vendors, and it sure looks promising!! Will update when I get back.
Happy knitting,

Monday, April 30, 2007

And you think you can knit!!!!!!

Soooo, whatever possessed me to think I could knit..I'm working on Lou's sox (just a plain old K3P2, in "Lion Brand" magic stripe). I'm doing these with fairly coarse yarn and Sz#3 DP's so you'd think picking up a stitch in the gap wouldn't show or be a problem.....well guess what, the only thing I'm producing is a gaping (expletive) hole! Now I am quite patient and I've maybe redone this bit 5 times but it's still there (another expletive).....so this time I'm throwing it out the door and hoping it flies over the trees....bye, bye sox!!!!!
I've just been to the sockapalooza site and everyone seems gifted and talented even folks who have been knitting a short time....I hope I indicated I was a beginner knitter...but maybe I was feeling overly confident that day!!! (Agggrrrrr) Some people have received info about their sox pal...can't wait for mine.
Happy knitting,

Sunday, April 22, 2007

One (footie) down....one to go

Not getting much knitting done....our weather here is great.
Have been outside doing yard work...I love being outside. It really has been a long winter!!
These footies are being done on Sz # 1 DP's.
It's a K1, P1, cuff, and I did eye of partridge on the heel flap, the rest is just plain stockinette stitch.
The Claudia yarn feels great on the feet...I have gifted all my other Claudia sox..but these footies are for me. Also have cast on a mitre square for a tote bag. We'll see how it shapes up.
Happy knitting.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Introducing the "Sienna Cardigan"

Just finished...I wasn't looking forward to sewing up but I had Nancie M. Wiseman's book "The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques" on hand, I did sign up for a seaming class at the local yarn store (Cultured Purl in Erie Pa.) but had to cancel. Maybe they will offer it again!!
I used MODA*DEA superwash wool...Size #9 needles. I changed to K2,P2 cuff.
Next up........footies using "Claudia" hand painted.
Happy knitting.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some progress

My progress so far on the "Sienna".....I'm using MODA*DEA superwash wool.
The wool is very knotty, but I do like the raspberry colour.
Hopefully I'll be finished soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Watched the "Yarn Harlot" knit a sox on Knitty Gritty this afternoon....there have been quite a few new shows lately...glad I caught this one.

Have been working on the "Sienna cardi" from 'Interweave Knits' fall 2006 issue. Will post pics when I'm done.

I used "Wildfoote" sock yarn in 'camel' for these. This is my own pattern.....I used a stitch called "Chinese Lantern" from The Pattern Library Knitting book. I also did a cable stitch on the heel flap. I'm working on footies using bits of leftover yarn from other sox right now. Happy knitting


Monday, April 16, 2007


This is my first post ever......I can't believe I've become a blogger!! Usually I'm a lurker, drooling over knit things. Sometimes I too knit, but more often I'm reading patterns and dreaming about what I should knit. I did sign up for
Can't wait.
Thank you Cath and Lou for showing me the way....you know I depend on you!!! Thanks too for a lovely weekend with you and my two favourite "little men"....I miss you guys.
P.S. Lou, I did delete your post....sorry.