Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dusty Peonies...

I have a big stash of sock yarn that is weighing heavily on my mind and since I haven't been knitting any socks I have turned my attention to one skein shawls or shawlettes!
This is free pattern and you can find it here:-
Zoe by Emily Kausalik.
I liked knitting this 'cause it was so mindless, 20 rows of garter and 20 rows of stockinette stitch. The 20 rows of each were to be done 3x's but I had so much yarn left over I did them 4x's.
It really was such lovely TV knitting. There is too, the optional ruffled edging. As you can see I choose to do the ruffle! It just adds a nice feminine touch.
Yarn:-Zoe hand paint sock. I love using Zoe yarn.
This little shawl measures 40"X 20"...perfect!
I made a little tag with the yarn wrapper (you know, with washing/drying instructions) and the 'Grand Poobah' bent a long double pointed needle in half to make a two prong fork that can used as a shawl pin! I have to say 'tho my Mother frowned on sticking needles in knitting! She said it would make a hole....oh well!
I have someone in mind for this shawlette. She has been having a rough time...I thought of her while I was knitting and just added some hope, prayers and love for a successful outcome!
Happy knitting everyone.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ripping and still reworking

As you can see I'm still plodding along on Sarah's cardigan. I decided to rip out the cable bit and follow the pattern as written. So it has been slow going because I was almost ready to cast off the body part when I realised I had read the pattern wrong, aaagggghhh. Soooo.....here is the corrected version! This will add more room, and fingers crossed it will fit.
Okay, I can hear you saying. "Mr. Greenjeans doesn't have a shawl collar!" That's true...but this one does. Sarah said when she had a little try on, and I took her measurements it needed a big collar, she may have been joking but I ran with the idea! I just marked where I wanted the collar to end and did a few short rows here and there. Truthfully, I hadn't a clue about the process but figured I could always rip it off if I wasn't happy!
I know I should have waited 'till the sleeves were done before adding the button bands and collar, but I was a little bored and decided I needed a wee bit of a challenge. In case you were wondering...the pins are for the button placements. So far I love everything about this cardi.
I am also working on the mystery shawl! O my God...this is gonna take forever to do! I hate to complain but we get a clue once a week and it's only about 30 rows, tops!
I did start another little shawlette, scarf thingie using one skein of sock yarn. Really I have so much sock yarn and since I haven't been knitting socks lately, this is a good way to use up some! Probably it will be a gift for someone!
Haven't I become fickle in my dotage....a bunch of projects on the needles and I can't commit to one! This could be the reason I can't get anything finished. Okay, that and http://www.ravelry.com/
Happy knitting everyone.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

135 days 'till Christmas

It's never too early to get ready for Christmas..especially if you decide to do fiddly stuff!
I know you all understand the "ship in a bottle," concept, well this is "knitting in a Christmas ornament," and they are super!
I thought I'd make one each for my Saturday knit group, and since they turned out well, I must order more glass balls and send a couple to my family who knit.
They were not terribly hard to do once I figured them out.
I used toothpicks for the knitting needles and put beads on the one end. I used sock yarn for knitting. Fun, fun, fun!
For those of you interested in unique "knitting" gifts, this is a free pattern on Ravelry.
Honestly.....who thinks of these things???? 'Tho I for one am glad they did. I will tell you, the 'Grand Poobah' does think I have too much time on my hands...and sometimes I have to agree!
I took a couple of pics outside but they didn't come out too well. The sun was reflecting off the glass...sorry for the glare!
I am still working on my mystery shawl.
I am still plodding along on Sarah's cardi and I've started another shawl for a friend!
Have fun with the ornaments!
Happy knitting.