Friday, June 29, 2007

On the needles....

This is the first of the "Merino Lace Socks" by Anne Woodbury.

I was leafing thru my new book 'Favorite Socks'...and came across this pattern. The pattern was written for the sox to be worked on two circs (must clarify:- I have only used circs for felted bags or big knits in the round) so I decided to use my trusty DP's.

I liked the combined lace patterns and this is a nice knit since every other row is knit the knit stitches and purl the purls. You can see in the pattern chart (in the book) the editor forgot the dots(for the four rows of {2}purl stitches) the 'Grand Poobah' kindly filled them in for me. Thanks honey!!!!

I am using Cherry Tree Hill in 'Loden'..this is my first time using this yarn and I like it. My LYS...'Cultured Purl' in Erie Pa., just started carrying CTH..and I'll use it again. I always wonder how yarn will wash and wear!!!

The only thing I didn't like was to keep the continuity of the pattern thru the heel flap I had to cut the yarn and attach a new ball...I just hate having any extra ends to weave in!!!!

Okay..on another note but still sock related did you see the beautiful "Rainbow Socks' at
You really should check them out....I have added them to my to do list....along with numerous others.
Don't know how much knitting I'll get done over the 4th. but anyhow....
happy 4th...and happy knitting

Friday, June 22, 2007

"Ripple Weave" socks are a girls' best friend!!!!

After all the false starts, mistakes and ripping out I finally am able to show a pair of 'Ripple Weave' from 'Vogueknitting' fall 2006 issue by Charlene Church.
I used Gems Pearl 100% merino wool fingering weight; a little less than 2 skiens.
Colour:-Pink Panther
Needles Sz#1
Modifications:- I really sort of followed the pattern as written but did shorten the heel flap about 4 rows. I used a tubular cast on and did 6 complete diamond patterns..3 on the leg and then 3 more.
These feel wonderful...dense like heavy fabric..and could almost be reversible!!! They were by no means a quick knit and did require a little more concentration than other patterns I have done. If you were to make a mistake I think your only recourse would be to rip everything out because every row has something going on...either YO's or 2tog's!!!!!! Because of all my work I just don't know what to do with them...keep them or give them away??? I have made my pal the 'Edelweiss' socks from the same magazine but maybe I should give her these. I mean who other than another knitter is worthy!!!! I will decide before the Aug 2nd post date.
What's next...I just don't know??? Is the Traveler's Socks from the same magazine calling my name?? I do love a cable!!!!
Bloody hell....burn that magazine...
Happy knitting,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

'Happy Fathers' Day''

Just wanted to wish the 'Grand Poobah' " happy Fathers' day.....he really is a good guy, and now he's a wonderful 'Papa'
My son-in-law is a great father of the best...'happy Fathers' day' to you too...I'm sure the boys smothered you with kisses and great big grrrrr's!!!

Yesterday I went trolling the local yarn stores and you can see my booty....I'm so easy!!!
Now there are sock patterns dancing in my head....and my fingers are itching. Well it won't be long 'till I'm done with the ripple weave; I am a one item (on the needles) woman and can't move on 'till I'm done.
But that's just me!!!
Happy knitting and again 'Happy Fathers' Day'

Friday, June 15, 2007


Love the new issue of 'knitty'........
Maybe because it contained two patterns for footies. I love a quick knit!
I'm still working on the 'ripple weave socks'...#1 is done and I've cast on #2...and we'll see how it goes!!! I'm not getting ahead of myself. No pictures 'till I'm all done.
The 'Grand Poobah' did say if he's impressed...well they must be okay! Could be he was feeling particularly benevolent this morning!!!
Happy knitting,

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A rippin' good time!!!

Okay, so I was sitting last night reading my pattern and comparing the sock picture in the magazine to mine (mind you I was all puffed up with myself for having completed three patterns and being ready to start the heel,) when I realized my ripple weave rib cuff did not morph into the ripple weave rib pattern..... Oh, my God, I was off a stitch!!!
[Compare above socks.]
What to do?? Would it be that noticeable...I consulted with the 'Grand Poo-bah"....and he said, "Who sees socks?"
My God I'd have to make a decision by rip or make a matching mistake?????
Well I haven't ripped yet. Let's see how things progress.
Lessons learned from the morphing fiasco......
1. Read the pattern and follow the directions.
2. The 'Grand Poo-bah' is never any help.
3. Do not publish any work 'till it is complete.
Happy knitting (and ripping)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The 'book' and the 'footies.'

The footies are done:-
I used Sz # 1 DP's (60 st tubular cast on, a 20 row cuff and an eye of partridge heel.)
I used leftover Claudia handpainted yarn, 'Begonia' and 'Wisteria'. I did one row with one colour and one with the next. On the first footie I did the row (colour) change on the bottom (middle of the heel) on the second I did the row change on the side. Maybe I was just improving because on the second one my tension is more even. So I would recommend the side yarn change where it is least noticeable.
Cath...yes, these are for you!!!
Enough about that; as you can see I bought the book "Favorite Socks." Let me justify my purchase by saying I had a 25% off coupon from Borders!!! I was pleasantly surprised to see a pattern by designer 'Candace Eisner Strick.' I will give it a try, probably when I can hole up and do nothing but knit, because the i-cord cuff may be a challenge.
We had a lovely visit in Maryland and James had a super birthday. Of course I went to the yarn store and made a wee purchase. I love the store 'ELEGANZA YARNS" and try to stop in every time I visit.
Happy knitting,