Sunday, February 28, 2010

From a sweater to a felted bag..

Sometimes I feel like knitting and sometimes I say to myself "Why bother?" This is one of these times....
I bought this sweater at the Salvation Army Thrift store for $2.00, with the intention of felting it and making a tote bag. Let me say I love big felted bags!
If you decide to make a wool garment and felt before cutting.
Let your imagination be your guide. I cut under the arms all the way across for the body of the bag. I had a nice rolled edge for the opening at the top. I measured and used one of the sleeves for the base. I didn't open the sleeve. I like to use the sleeve doubled so I can insert a piece of heavy plastic to add structure.
I also used part of the other sleeve for an inside pocket and the neck rolled edge for the button loop. I tried making handles from the other sleeve but it didn't look right so I bought a skein of Patons wool and knit two i-cords. I hate white and decided to dye the finished bag black.
As you can see it's brown..but that's okay....probably it would have gotten darker if I'd bought another bottle of dye.
I had a little novelty yarn and made a little flower. (The Grand Poobah says it looks like a cinnamon roll..heehee) I just pinned the flower on the front that way I can remove it and leave the bag plain.
I sewed a big button on the front.
I am still working on a pair of socks..these are the forever pair!
Look the bag pic) at all the heavy wet snow we've gotten in the last couple of days....great knitting weather, if only I felt like knitting.
Happy creating or knitting or just doin' nothing.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This morning I visited my friend's blog and she had knit the cutest bookmark. Just her own design.....a little clever.
Funny thing I had just knit a couple of bookmarks myself.
Pattern:-Flourish Bookmark by Ninaclock Designs. This is a free pattern. If you want to try lace and don't want to take on a big project this one would be ideal. It incorporates a lot of lace stitches but every other row is purled, so it's not too taxing.
Yarn:- The pink is Lang Jawoll and the green is Schaefer Anne, just leftover sock..not quite 10 grams in each.
These are quick fun little projects just like the mini socks.
I have been working on a pair of socks....very, very slowly, one of these days I'll finish and surprise you all.
Happy knitting.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A work of art.

Yesterday I received a valentine cookie from one of the women at our knitting group. I just had to take a picture to show everyone since it truly is a work of art. I did (briefly) think about saving it but the Grand Poobah with his infinite wisdom said that would be like giving someone a pair of socks and for them to just put the socks in a drawer somewhere never to be seen again.
Sooo I made myself a cup of coffee and ate every last crumb. Not only was the cookie a work of art but it was a delicious work of art.
Thank you Barbara for being so generous and sweet.
I was going to buy Barbara a thank-you card but thought I'd just make one....and came up with this. I'll give it to her next week..
Happy knitting.
Happy Valentine's day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

East meets West strap and mini socks.

I decided to start knitting my bag again. This bag is such a big commitment..time wise and I also have to be focused to do the colour work. For the strap alone you cast on 450sts on sz#1 needles and then you must make sure your join (it's knit in the round) is not twisted. What a pain and you haven't as yet knit a stitch!
So..what was I thinking when I bought this kit? I loved the look of the bag....but my love is fading.
I will keep you up to date on my progress.
I also have been knitting mini socks. There are for WWKIPD (World Wide Knit in Public day) 'tho it isn't 'till June 13th.. I tried a few patterns and I love doing them! (Do you recognise any?)The minis are so small, so easy!
I am at present knitting a pair of socks and I am still plodding along on my afghan. So not much to show but a lot going on.
Maybe one of these days!
Happy knitting everyone.