Sunday, September 27, 2009

Snowbird Mittens and mysterious yellow socks..

The mystery is solved:-

Pattern:-Fox Faces by Nancy Bush. (The Sept. mystery sock.) This is a lovely lace pattern which includes a 'Vikkel' braid, 'Dutch' heel, EOP heel flap and a pointy toe. The fit is good and since the pattern is done on the front of the leg only the ribbing is carried thru 30 rows to keep the sock neat on the back of the leg, and it works perfectly. I would recommend this pattern as a first lace project, it's easy and looks really nice.
Needles:-Sz#1 DP's.

Yarn:-Baby Ull. [Obviously yellow] this was my first time using this yarn and I loved how nice it knit up and I'll use it again.
I also must include a picture of the finished "Snowbird Mittens"..let's just say I love them. Since I'm caught up on my projects..I know I still have a baby gift to knit..I will start my bag. It looks daunting, but I'm getting anxious to start, so I probably will have nothing to blog about for a while. Read about the mittens in the previous post

Happy knitting everyone.

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Let It".....what??

Since I had to wait for the clues for the SKA Mystery Sock I was thumbing thru my old patterns and came across this and thought I'd give it a try.
Okay so now I have one done and I'm showing it off, 'cause I'm so pleased with the results. I think the outcome is stunning. I particularly love the backside.
Pattern:-Snowbird from Vogue knitting, Fall 2008. This pattern is really only a chart, but it's easy to follow. I found the thumb a wee bit fiddly, but not too bad.
Modifications:- Added extra rows to cuff and kitchenered the top.
Yarn:-Fortissima Disco Socka, light gray with bluish green. It is full of sparkles, which you can't see on my monitor. Leftover Patons Kroy, 'Gentry Gray' from Jim's socks.
Needles:- Sz#1
I am now so smitten with mittens I had my daughter order me 'The Mitten Book." (heehee)
I also ordered a bag kit from the new one 'East meets West." I will start it as soon as I finish the yellow mystery socks and mittens. I'm not particularly fast at colour work, so we'll see how it goes. If you see a UFO flying by your house you'll know it's my bag...causing me all sorts of grief. (haha)
Happy knitting.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Truly...not socks! socks to show. Just my colourful shawl.
It is fitting tho' that I started this shawl during 'Wimbledon' and finished during the 'U.S. Open'
I just worked on it when I had a few minutes now and then. Other times the cat loved to lie on it..maybe she just loved the woolly smell.
Pattern:-"Truly Tasha Shawl" by Nancy Bush. (A free online pattern.) I think what drew me to this pattern was the shawl collar and lovely cast off eyelet edge. I spliced the ends as recommended and it worked well.
Yarn:- Noro Kureyon #184. Lately I've been wearing a lot of colour. You see I went back to my roots and my hair is blinding white....I'm not kidding!
Needles:-Sz#5. The pattern called for sz#4.
Winter will be here soon in northwestern Pennsylvania and I know it will keep me cozy.
I hope to cast on a baby hoodie soon and I have yellow socks on the needles right now. I think I need a black or gray felted bag, something neutral to go with all my colourful knits...heehee.
Happy knitting

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Lately I've been drowning in yarn and for some reason I keep buying more.
I see these projects I must do and I order a bunch of yarn. I have some DK coming for a baby hoodie, more sock yarn for an unusual pattern. What the heck.....I have enough yarn stashed to knit sox for a small country!
I buy some expensive yarn and some cheaper easy care stuff since I know I'm giving away the majority of sox I knit. I like to use easy care yarn for them..and save the good stuff. But why??? I'd better start using it all...and here goes.
These are for Kelly, whose favourite colours are the pinks, reds and purples.
Pattern:-Monkeys by CookieA., what a nice easy pattern with lovely results. (My first.)
My modifications:-A picot cuff , (another first) I used a provisional cast on, and also eye of partridge heel.
Yarn:- Socks that Rock. (yet another first) Colour:- Rhodonite. Lovely yarn.
Needles Sz#1
I hope Kelly enjoys them. She is sixteen and she loves animals. I may knit her another pair with a dog motif.
I'm still working on my Truly shawl but I am on the edging after all the miles of garter stitch...hoping to see the end of the tunnel soon!
I am also knitting the Mystery Socks by Nancy Bush in yellow. This is for the SKA group on Ravelry. The clues are far enough apart I have the cuff done on both sox and waiting for clue#2. Something new on these sox..a "Vikkel" braid...umm...interesting!
Happy knitting and happy and safe Labour Day weekend everyone.