Thursday, February 14, 2008

So is it a quilt or a blanket?

Here is the "Moderne Baby Blanket"from Mason-Dixon. I knit this because I was between projects and this yarn was sitting in a Walmart bag from long ago!!

It is knit with 'Red Heart Fiesta' yarn and cost something like $2.97 a 4oz skein. So if it didn't work, well no big deal!!!

The blanket is knit in rectangles, squares, etc....a lot of different shapes but with x amount of stitches and x amount of rows. Good enough. They was no sewing together, definitely a plus for me. If a new block was started the stitches were picked up and I can do that okay..don't forget I'm a sox knitter.

It was mindless knitting...just garter stitch ridges.

When I was done it looked terrific on the right side.......but I wasn't happy with the raw edges on the reverse and so I decided to add a backing. (Silly me.)

(I will also say that because I did not do a swatch. I had no gauge and have a few less blocks than the pattern called for. I did do a little math and have the requisite 12 though; 3 of each colour.)

I blocked and then measured the blanket (it measures with the edging 28" wide and 37" long )and scoured the Internet for ideas. (There are quite a few people who have done this...successfully and remarkably...who have advice and tips.)

I however had a lot of problems. The knit stretched. The batting shifted. My sewing machine played up. I couldn't sleep trying to solve this problem.

After a bunch of trips to Jo~Anne's I finally made something that fitted reasonably well and now I had a knitted blanket attached batting and the lining...and so to keep it all together I decided to outline each block with a backstitch using the light blue yarn. I had tried embroidery floss but didn't like the results!!!

Whew..I'm finally done.

It doesn't look too bad. I machine washed and dried it and nothing moved too much...although on the knit side the blocks are a little puffy.

If I'd known this would be such a big a job I at least would have used a better yarn. I probably should have quit ages ago and gave myself no bother!!!!

Happy knitting


Monday, February 11, 2008

Candy and a bunch of sox

What's better for Valentines Day than candy, a pair of sox and $'s...well at least a few $'s for the little lads!!
Someone over at 'Socknitters' mentioned 'Little Knits' and I checked it out, (thanx). (I love the sales and the customer service at this site and would recommend it to everyone.) I loved the tiger yarn and knew the wee boys would love it too.
I decided James should have black toes so they could tell the difference.
Boy's sox:-
Opal Tiger yarn /Regia for James black toes.
Sz#1 DP's and I just fudged numbers.
Lou's sox:-
FagStrikk yarn (gifted to me)
Sz#2 DP's and I just fudged numbers.
We will be seeing everyone this weekend but I had to get this stuff mailed today.
Happy knitting and Valentines Day.

Promises kept

Here are Lou's sox. He asked me if I could repair them. Really, I wanted him to just pitch them but when he said something about these being his favourite and his first pair from me.......I relented.

Well, I hate darning....and the lump I leave. Image how that feels underfoot! Sooo...I decided to cut off just above the hole...pick up the stitches and go from there.

The whole process wasn't too bad. Some of the stitches were stuck together but I just pried them apart with a crochet hook and the rest was easy. Would I do it again...maybe...I mean it really does beat knitting another pair..and I kept my promise to try.

Happy knitting..or repairing,