Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag

Finally finished.
This is Madeline Langan's pattern at
It really does look like a stained glass window.
This pattern was easy to understand and a joy to knit.
The only trouble I had was what to use for the shaping. I found a plastic barrel like crock that worked.
I will sew in a little inside pocket and add a button. The grand 'Poobah' has made a button for me and I have another choice of a wooden toggle. We'll see...
My bag...
Dimensions: 13 1/2 " tall, 14 " across (same as version 1 on the pattern)
Bottom: 9 " in length and 7 " wide
Mine is oval shaped.
I used (Araucania) Nature Wool Chunky: (almost) 6 coloured skeins and (almost )2 of the blackish colour.
I used this yarn because I like how it felts (I have used it before) and also the heft of the bag.
I have never tried Noro; plus I had two skeins of the chunky!!
Sz:8 needles
Thank you Madeline.....
I can't wait to show it off!!!
Happy knitting.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Footies...for Mac

I decided to make my favourite guys footies.....and this is the prototype!
Well the hardwood floors (at their house) were just redone. Thank goodness.....no more splinters that always seemed to catch in the wool and embed themselves in the feet!!!! Owwwww....
I didn't want to start footie #2 'till I got feedback from Maryland....and Lou sent this pic...(thank you!)
Yarn:-Scraps of Opal and I used St Ives for the heel and toe.
Sz#1 needles
And Mac's happy. (Priceless)

Happy knitting,

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Second Pal..

Yesterday I signed up to be a sock saviour, and after reading my (new ) pals info.....I settled on these! I knit and finished these by May 30th..

I know I could have started knitting another pair but from start to finish it would have taken some time so I checked my sox stash. {Doesn't everyone has a yarn stash, so I'll bet they have a sox stash!!!!!} My pal had few preferences and since these are her size I'm hoping they will fit, and she'll like them.

I will include something special in her package and get it off tomorrow. She has been waiting all summer and I hope she won't be disappointed.

Pattern:- Child's First Sock from the book Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush

Needle sz #1 (2.5) Addi's DP's {most of my sz#1's are 2.25} and these needles are a little bigger

Yarn:-Fortissima Socka Colour:-1010 (raspberry)

Modifications:-I did a tubular cast on changed the decrease on the heel flap and did a complete shell pattern across the instep.

Monday, August 6, 2007

A mere indulgence...(in colour)!

I have started the 'Felted Stained Glass Fan Bag' by Madeline Langan over at http://knittingdream.blogspot.com/
I saw it on another blog and had to have the pattern. Okay, let's be honest here, I was dreaming about buying the pattern since I saw it!!!
I'm not using the same yarn or weight of yarn as she described so I hope it works out; nevertheless it's a nice knit so far and I (or someone) will end up with a big felted tote bag.
Can a girl have too many bags...ask my daughter. Most of hers tho' would be a lot pricier than mine.
Mine a mere indulgence in colour...hers a downright luxury!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ready for the feet..

Finally finished...mind you these sox were not hard to knit. As the designer said in her intro to this pattern she combined four complementary eyelet and lace patterns and it's really a lovely outcome. I just don't know how they would wear since the pattern extends thru the heel flap but they are nice to admire!!!!
Pattern:-Merino Lace Socks by Anne Woodbury From the book...Favorite Socks
Needles:-sz 1 DP's (the pattern calls for 2circ's)
Yarn:- "Cherry Tree Hill" in Loden
Because I adapted to DP's I had to cut the yarn at the heel flap to keep to the pattern and I hated to do this!
Happy knitting,