Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Thumb #2

It is funny how the two "big thumbs" were knit with the same type of yarn following the same directions, on the same size needles, by the same person (hee,hee) and are different...the orange monster is taller and skinnier...oh well, the boys are happy with their "big thumb dolls." and that's all that counts!

Yarn:-Malabrigo worsted weight, colourway #16 Glazed Carrot.

Needles:-Sz#10, 16" circular and 10.5 DP's. I also used Sz#8 for the thumbs!

Pattern:-my own..and I will write it of these days.

This little guy as you can see was knit entirely in one piece...then I felted him..then I added the eyes, nose and big teeth. I knit squares of red and white and felted the pieces and then cut out the eyes etc....this way if the monster gets dirty he can be machine washed in cold and line dried.

We are enjoying "Granny Camp," for the next week and are hoping to go to the no knitting!

Happy knitting everyone!