Monday, January 26, 2009

Sandy's 'flake' sox

These sox are for Sandy....I knit them because I had knit everyone in my knitting group a pair.

My final obligation...I hope she likes them, 'tho they were an easy mindless knit.

Yarn:- Patons Kroy 4ply socks.


Colour:-Whitecap (Just used a few strands, for the snowflake.)

Needles:-Sz#1 and Sz#0 (for the foot)

Pattern:- just a basic sock with a 2x3 rib from the cuff to the ankle.

I did use the snowflake chart from the book "Socks*Socks*Socks" in the "Golf Socks" pattern by Dorothy S. Grubbs. Just for the heel flap.

I think this was the first book I bought when I started knitting sox.....and I don't think I've knit one thing from it. I do like the book, are just so many patterns for sox I'm overwhelmed and when I see a different pattern I run with it!!!

I decided to cast on for a "Swallowtail Shawl" and I am starting the dreaded "nupps "next. This is my first shawl and I don't want to bore you with my reasons for never having knit a shawl. I will keep you updated with my progress...unless the shawl nupps vex me too much and it becomes a pair of sox! (HaHa)

Happy knitting


Friday, January 9, 2009

Treillage Socks

I looked for a pattern that would showcase variegated yarn and I found this little gem! I bought this yarn Opal Neon at on sale.
These are for a friend who asked for a pair for her daughter-in law.
Pattern:-Treillage Socks by Anita Peluso
Pattern description by Anita Peluso:-These socks are worked in reverse stockinette stitch; which Charlene Schurch in her book 'Sensational Knitted Socks' calls the "Princess Foot" because she feels it is more comfortable to walk on the knit side of the fabric rather than the purl side. Let me just say I purled a lot!!!! This pattern is well written and 'tho it looks like I used a cable needle it was a twisted stitch. Really very nice, looks like a chain linked together!!!!!
Needles:- Sz#1 D P's. I did however buy 9" circular Sz#1. I just felt using the Dp's on all the purls left a little gap (ladder) and while the 9" circular looked like I was using tooth picks, I liked the result. The pattern is written for one circular using the Magic Loop.
(Do you notice I'm reluctant to try different methods....well since it would cut into my actual knitting time I plow on with what I know...just me!!!)
Yarn:-Opal Neon....1937....but with the reds, orange, blues and yellow to me it should have been called "Tequila Sunrise."
I hope she likes them. They do feel wonderful on!
I have a couple more people I have promised sox and then on to other things..a new purse...cardigan....oh, the possibilities!!
Happy knitting.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Noro 'Patchwork' sox

I started these sox late November and they are my first finished project of the new year! I had the first sox done and because I had a bunch of things to do for Christmas I put off knitting # 2. Well when I cast on the second I couldn't remember what I'd done on the first...I mean I always keep a row count but if I add or subtract any instructions well I never bother writing these down because I'm usually doing sox #2 right away! (Live and learn.) If one looks a little different well.......
Needles:- Sz#1 DP's.
Yarn:- Kureyon Sock yarn from "Rustic and Refined" a lovely yarn store in Erie Pennsylvania. Please note; I skeined it first and washed it...I had heard about this yarn being dirty and knotty!
Pattern:-Patchworksocken-alpenfees-interpretation by Susanne Fielder.
I like this pattern...maybe it's the mitered squares! I did the "jojo" heel again and used 'Knitting Tips" from the Lana Grossa site. I also went to and she had a marvellous step by step photo instruction tutorial. I also added a round toe!
Okay...I must add my opinion about the Noro. I would say I loved the colour sequences. I found the yarn stringy and thick in spots...but maybe that's just the way it is. I found (even 'tho I had washed it first ) little splinters of wood occasionally and it had a few knots throughout! It was also very drying on my hands. I probably wouldn't buy it again...but that's just my 2 cents!!!
Happy knitting and Happy New Year.