Friday, November 15, 2013


This is Sheldon...I used
Yarn:-Frog Tree Alpaca sportsweight. Color:-chocolate, green, gold and white!
Needles:- Sz # 1double points
Pattern:- by CID Hanscom. It includes wire that is inserted in the body, legs, feet, neck and head and safety eyes. Because he is wired he is poseable..hardly a toy...more like an ornament! Let me tell you it was the most awkward fiddly thing I have ever done! The pattern was a little vague in places and I made  quite a few mistakes!!  Aw and learn!
Shelly Sheldon is very cute but  before my Grandsons got a chance to see him and want one just like him I sent him off home to Leslie!!! You see I'll never, ever make another!! LOL
Happy knitting everyone!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mittens with all the bells and whistles!

These mittens are fresh from the needles they still have to be washed and blocked.
This was a "mystery" knit along given by the "I make Mittens" group on Raverly.
No, normally I don't participate  in these sort of knit alongs..too time consuming and then you're never sure what your finished object will look like! But...I decided to take a chance since the mittens were to be designed by one of my favorite designers and also Christmas is creeping up fast!
The mitten are nice but the knitting was a little intense  since I couldn't get the charts blown up large enough for my old eyes and I could only work in good  bright light!
My eldest Grandson howled with laughter when I said the knitting was intense...but another knitter would understand!!!!
I said they had all the 'bells' and 'whistles' because they do incorporate a lot of techniques!!!
They started with a 'provisional' cast on,  'picot' cuff  followed by a latvian braid and 'catching main color float' and also 'catching contrast color float!' I started these on Sz #0 needles but my knitting was too tight.
Pattern:-Quaternity By Rose Hiver can be found here 
Needles:-Sz #1
Yarn:- Hazel Knits sock color Nickel (grey) and Vamp (red)
I am glad I joined this group and the mittens are dense and very pretty and finished in a little over a month. If I am lucky my name could be drawn for a that would be a lovely bonus!!! LOL!
I am off to do a little mindless knitting now!
Happy knitting.