Monday, October 27, 2008

Patchwork Socks

Soooo... because you knit, do people bug you and whine and say things like "When are you gonna make me a pair of sox?" Well lately I've been getting that question.
I know they haven't a clue about the time and sometimes the money that goes into the whole affair!!! (By the way, what was your most expensive yarn purchase?)Since I had a lot of this yarn left over after my footies. I decided to get a few people off my back and to just use it up. It is easy care, inexpensive..and I had it on hand, the only problem I had was finding a pattern that wouldn't get lost in the variegated yarn. I know I could have just knit these plain...I mean after all the yarn is striped...but wouldn't that be (too) boring??? I found this pattern and I love, love it!!
Yarn:- Red Heart Ltd., Heart and Sole with Aloe.
Pattern:-Patchworksocken-Alpenfees Interpretation by Susanne Fiedler from "Alpenfees Wollberge"
It was basically mitered squares and easy to do. You just add your own heel and toe combination. It took me ages because I had decided to try the "Jojo" heel and I knit one complete sox using that heel. Well I decided to change to the "fore/afterthought heel for the bullseye effect and it fits with the least for me, but I had a lot of ripping to do.
Next up same pattern...I have so much Christmas knitting to do I had better get more 'piddling' around!!!
Happy knitting.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cropped Cable Cardigan

Pattern:-Cropped Cable Cardigan by Vladimir Teriokhin from Vogueknitting Fall 2005
Yarn:-Lion Brand "Wool-Ease Chunky" colour Charcoal.
Buttons bought at Jo~Annes in Maryland.
This worked up fast but the pattern had some mistakes and I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner.
I picked up and added 8 rows of garter stitch on the bottom edge because it was really very short. I hope the recipient likes it!! I still am not the best at seaming and I think from now on I'll just do top down cardi's, and I have bought a great pattern from and although I can't wait to start, it will not be my next project because I have to knit some socks. My Mother asked for a pair or two although when I send them she always finds fault e.g....... not warm enough, too long in the leg, well you get the my drift....(sigh)
Happy knitting.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mini and 'wee' Mini...

I knit these mini sox because the Grand Poobah had made me a little wooden key ring in the shape of a sox. I had always been meaning to knit a sox for it, and you know winter is coming...and I didn't want those wooden tootsies to get cold!!
I knit the little one on the left first. I used #000 needles and followed the 'Socknitters Mini-Sock' formula by Linda Nelson. I used a few yards of leftover Opal 'Neon'. It was a wee bit too small so I went up a needle size and used #oo. It fit perfectly. Consequently the Grand Poobah had to make me another keyring for the wee sox (hee hee).
Can I just say we must have too much time on our hands!!!!
Happy knitting.