Friday, September 16, 2011

Old geezer felted dolls..

This is the link for the pattern I used. I know it doesn't really look the same as the pattern version but I just used the doll and added my own "old geezer" touches.
I was asked to make an older guy doll and this was the best.
The dolls were knit on Sz#8 needles using leftover scraps of wool. Different wool felts at a different the doll wearing purple has skinny legs (they felted fast) and more of a fulled face! Awww...I don't think anyone will care!
I made the glasses out of pipe cleaners and using the buttonhole stitch wrapped them in sparkly gray sock yarn! I just needle felted in the hair and beard!
I'm sure the dolls will give a little comfort and be loved!
Happy knitting everyone!