Saturday, June 27, 2009

'Truly' in the Doldrums..

I am in the knitting 'doldrums' want to knit something, but waste hours looking at patterns and decide to do nothing. Right now I'm sorta sick of everything. I hope these feelings don't last!
Finally 'tho I picked something to knit , and 'ta-da' it's the 'Truly Tasha's Shawl" by Nancy Bush. I'm using Sz#4 needles.
I had some Noro Kureyon, colour#184 in my stash. I love the way this is knitting up..all the colour changes, however I'm not crazy about the under-spun sections of yarn..but I can live with it!
I just needed something mindless and the shawl is mostly garter stitch with a lace edging that is also the bind off. So it's moving along nicely and I'm on ball #4 already!
I am watching Wimbledon this week and next. I grew up watching was all we could get on T.V. and I've always been hooked!
Happy knitting.

Sunday, June 21, 2009



The stitch pattern for these socks was taken from “Mon Tricot 1030 Stitches Patterns” and adapted to work circularly. (Page#79. Title:-Candle Pattern.)
Materials I used:
Yarn:- Fingering weight. I used Zoe Sock color Sapote.
Needles:- Double Pointed Sz#1 or to get gauge
Gauge:- 11rows=1inch; 8stitches=1inch.
Size:-Women’s Small/medium. Will fit US shoe size 7/7.5 or European size 38.
Abbreviations used:-
Ssk= slip 2 stitches separately as if to knit and then knit these 2 stitches together.
Yo=yarn over
K2tog.= knit 2 stitches together
Sts.= stitches.

Cast on 72 stitches. Place stitches on 3 needles, 24 stitches on each and join for working in the round. Work 14 rows *twisted rib* [ Knit 1stitch through the back loop (tbl), purl 1 st..]
Start *candle pattern :- over 12sts and 20rows*.
Row#1-*k1,yo,ssk,k7,k2tog.,yo* repeat from*to*.
Round#2; and all even rounds *knit* around.
Round#3 - *k1,yo,k1,ssk,k5,k2tog.,k1,yo.* around.
Round#5 - *k1,yo,k2,ssk,k3,k2tog.,k2,yo.* around.
Round#7 - *k1,yo,k3,ssk,k1,k2tog.,k3,yo.*around.
Round#9 - *k1,yo,k4,ssk,k4,yo.* around.
Round#11- *k4, k2tog.,yo, k1,yo,ssk,k3.* around.
Round#13- *k3,k2tog.,k1,yo,k1,yo,k1,ssk,k2.* around.
Round#15 -*k2,k2tog.,k2,yo,k1,yo,k2,ssk,k1.*around.
Round#17- *k1,k2tog.,k3,yo,k1,yo,k3,ssk. *around.
Before starting round #19 move the last stitch on needle#1 onto needle#2 and the last stitch on needle #2 onto needle #3 and the last stitch on #3 onto needle #1 (This keeps the pattern in line!)
Round#19 -*slip1, k2tog., pass the slipped stitch over, k4,yo,k1,yo,k4.*around.

These 20 rows make up the pattern. Work for desired length for leg.
I knit 3 complete patterns 60 rows.

Heel Flap:
Purl back on 35 stitches for heel flap and dec. 3sts evenly spaced; *p7,p2tog.,p8,p2tog.,p7,p2tog.,p7.* You now have 32sts on heel flap.
(24 stitches remain on needle#1 and 13stitches remain on needle#2=37sts. for instep to be worked later.)
Work the 32sts on the heel flap for 28 rows.
*Row#1- Slip first stitch purl wise and knit across.
*Row#2- Slip first stitch purl wise and purl across.
Turn heel:- (Round or French heel)
Slip 1, knit17sts, ssk, k1,turn
Slip 1, purl 5sts, p2tog, p1, turn
Slip 1, knit 6sts, ssk, k1, turn
Slip 1, purl 7sts, p2tog, p1, turn
Slip 1, knit 8sts, ssk, k1, turn
Continue working one more stitch until all stitches have been worked, you should have 18sts left on your needle.
Shape Gussets:-
Knit across 9sts., start another needle knit the next 9sts, then pick up and knit 14sts along side of heel flap, plus 1 or 2 extra stitches in the gap.
Knit pattern over the 37 instep stitches as follows.
Row#1-( k1,yo,ssk,k7,k2tog.,yo)2x’s more (3 of the 12st pattern), and end with one knit stitch.
Using another needle pick up 1 or 2 stitches in the gap and then pick up 14 along side on the other side of the heel flap and then knit the last 9 stitches.
You are back at the center of the heel. This is where all rounds begin.
On needle #1- you have 9+14+2 (extra sts.)=25
On needle#2- you have 37 sts.
On needle#3- you have 2 (extra sts)+14+9=25.
Row#2=On needle#1 work to last 3sts., k2tog.,k1sts. On needle#2Knit across instep sts.
On needle#3 Knit 1st.,ssk, and knit to end.
2sts decreased.
Round#3- Needle #1Knit all sts.
Needle#2-(K1,yo,k1,ssk,k5,k2tog.,k1.yo)2 more times, end with a k1.
Needle#3 -Knit all sts.
Continue to decrease every other round until you have 18sts, on needles #1 and #3.
Follow the candle pattern across the instep as written above, on the 37 instep sts., for rows, 5-7-9-11-13-15- 17-*19*, ending with a k one stitch.
*Please note row#19 has different instructions than stated above*.
Row#19 (instructions for instep) Knit 2tog.,k4,yo,k1,yo,k4, then slip1, k2tog., pass the slipped st over, k4,yo,k1,yo,k4 then slip 1, k2tog., pass the slipped stitch over k4,yo,k1,yo,k4, end with a k2tog.. ( 37sts )
Continue in pattern as established until foot is desired length.
I knit 60 rows total.
On row #20 I decreased the extra stitch on the instep I now had 18/36/18 stitches, 72sts total.
On needle #1-Knit to last 3sts (k2tog.,k1)
On needle #2-(k1,ssk) knit across to last 3sts., (k2tog.,k1)
On needle #3-(k1,ssk) knit ‘till end of round.
Knit sts on needles #1-2-3.
Repeat these two rounds ‘till you have 20sts left. 5/10/5
Knit across 5sts on needle #1. You have 10sts on needle #3 and 10sts on needle #2.
Cut yarn leaving a 12 inch tail.
Kitchener these sts. together.

Knit sock#2…
This is the first pattern I've ever written out and I hope there are no mistakes..but you never know! Please let me know!
Happy knitting....please don't claim this pattern as your own! (Thanks!)


Thursday, June 11, 2009


The challenge this month on Ravelry is 'DYO' your own sox!
Soooo.....I thought I'd give it a try and I used the"1030 Stitches Patterns" knitting dictionary. I have had this book laying around (unused) for ages!
I have one sox done:-
Yarn:-Shalimar..Zoe Sock.
Colour:- Sapote.
This is a lovely yarn. I'm surprised it's not worn thin from all the ripping out and reworking I have done on this pattern!
I started using a tubular cast on and I used "Heels by the Number" by Jiminy Crickets.
I wouldn't claim to be able to design....this is just a basic sock incorporating this candle stitch from the book. I have at times felt like pulling out my hair...I'm hoping to whiz thru sox number two...well I should have worked out most of the kinks, by now...hopefully. (HaHa)
Happy knitting.