Sunday, January 30, 2011

Roses Socks

I started these socks last April and only finished them today. I almost didn't get them done!
I used a pattern from "The Mitten Book." by Ingrid and Inger Gottfridsson.
I charted it out and it worked. I did a tubular cast on and ribbing on top of the toes to match the cuff and heel.
Yarn:-Opal Uni colour Brown. Lang Jawoll superwash colour pink/red.
Needles:-Sz#1 and sz#2. I used the #2 for the colourwork.
Right now I have nothing on the needles although I have some yarn on order.
I don't know who will get the socks...maybe Cath.
Happy knitting everyone.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Loose ends..minions and socks?

Have you all seen the movie "Despicable Me?" I know, I know it's a kids movie, but the grandsons recommended we watch it over the holidays and we all loved it and give it "5" stars!
The "Minions" are all for "world domination" and really adorable. I showed the boys a free pattern for "Minions" I loved on Ravelry and wouldn't you know it they asked me to make them one each!
I will say this hat's off to these folks who can create a pattern after watching a movie etc....I'm in awe of your talent!
This is a free pattern. Thank you
Needles:-Sz#5 DP's as these are knit in the round!
Yarn:-This pattern calls for Aran weight yarn. I used Colinette Jitterbug, colour "Sunflower Susie," for the body, and Zoe Sock Shalimar, colour "Juniper Berry" for the bib overalls. I used the yarn doubled. I only used a little of both plus I used a few strands of black for the hair, shoes, hands.
This was an easy pattern. I had googly eyes and I glued them to shank metal buttons for the eye. Both boys asked for the one-eye version!
I know the boys will love them and use them in their own plans for "world domination!" (hee, hee.)
These socks are for my favourite son-in-law who is very patient. They were part of his Christmas present and very late.....
Pattern:- Ribbed for Lou...
Needles:-Sz#1 DP's
Yarn:-Zoe Sock Shalimar. This was the mystery yarn for the "Ludvine" knit along shawlette but it wasn't working for me as a shawl and I love how Lou's socks knit up!
I also love how this yarn washes and wears!
I think I'm up to date on everything.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday..I know I did.
Happy New Year.
Happy knitting.