Sunday, October 30, 2011

Felted mittens.

I have started to prepare for winter and as my hands are always so cold I thought I'd knit myself a pair of mittens!
Yarn:-Patons  Classic Wool. Colour:-Grey Mix. I have 5/8 of an ounce I used 3.4 and 3/8oz...almost but not quite a full skein for the large size!
Pattern:-Cuffed Tweed Mittens by H.L. Wintermute and this is from "Interweave Felt" the 2008 issue.
Needles:-The pattern calls for Sz#15, but I only had 10.5 double points so I made the larger size and used them....I know I'm so cheap!
Modifications...or I'd say "tweaks" and who doesn't tweak patterns. I added an I-cord after felting.
 I picked up the stitches after felting and did a 3 inch cuff but I turned it to the inside and tacked it down. These mittens were long enough for me without the cuff going halfway up my arm!
I decided to add a little flower too...I used the picture from the "Rosework Mittens," by Nancy Bush and Jane Fournier from the magazine "Knitting Traditions," 2011. Honestly I hadn't a clue what I was doing and I used leftover sock yarn for the embroidery thread. It's supposed to be "satin " stitch! "Hee, hee" say, ha, me too!
I guess I'm ready to snow blow, and my hands will be warm and the flowers will remind me of warmer days!
Happy knitting everyone.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Duffers...19 row felted slippers!

As you can see these are ballerina felted slippers. You know, I must be in a felting frame of mind, my last few projects are felted!
I decided to make myself a pair...lately it seems I'm always cold. They are so nice and toasty plus fast, we're talking 19 rows here, woo-hoo! I thought while I had everything at hand I'd go ahead and knit Elaine (my friend) a pair for Christmas. She's getting the green ones with the decorative "french knot" embellishments!
Pattern:-on Ravelry This used to be a free pattern but the designer had some copyright issues and she now charges a couple of $$$$$'s! Well worth the price 'tho because these are cute and would made an easy and fast gift!
Needles:-Sz #11
Yarn:- I have a lot of Nature Wool Araucania leftovers and various colours, but any wool works!
Modifications:- I held the yarn doubled and I added a 3st I-cord around the top of the slipper.
I did the medium size US 7/7.5 UK 5 and the slippers are snug and stay on perfectly...of course they do stretch out a bit with wear, but mine don't fall off or anything!
All in all a great pattern!
P.S. I am a very private person...but I did want everyone who visits to know that I had a sudden devastating loss in July and 'tho knitting soothes my soul I can't seem to recapture my passion. I will add that I want to thank everyone who continues to read my blog and I would ask that you bear with me and I would also ask for your kind thoughts and prayers to help me cope! Thank you all.