Monday, December 20, 2010

Wine felted bag

Finished finally...I'm meeting Elaine in the morning at the 'Bagel Shop' to exchange gifts so thank goodness I'm done!
Pattern:-Felted "No Rules" Bag by Robin Smith
Yarn:-Araucania Nature wool Chunky. Colours, wine, cranberry, black. I love using chunky it makes a lovely dense fabric.
This bag measures 9"x13." With the handle it measures 15"x13." I added a felted flower.
I do like this bag. I don't know why it took so long to finish. I think I may need to take break from knitting...we'll see how I feel in the new year!
I still have to finish Lou's socks. I have a pair for Cath.. The wee boys are getting no knitted gifts this year and I'm sure they won't mind. I made a bunch of cookies and a pumpkin roll for them so they'll be over the moon!
Happy knitting everyone and I hope you finish all your special projects on time!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Crafty coin purses.

My girl friend Elaine is always on the lookout for thickened wool sweaters/cardigans for me since she knows I love to felt and recycle them. I usually save the buttons too. This is a partially felted cardigan she gave me during the summer.
During Thanksgiving my daughter took me to a big Jo~Ann store in her neighbourhood. This store has so much stuff compared to the one I go to in Pennsylvania....I went wild gathering up things I thought I might use.
I spied these little coin purse frames, and bought a couple as I always wanted to try to make a coin purse using felted wool.
I used this tutorial for guidance
I used the felted sweater for the outer body of the coin purse and some batik remnants for the lining.
I would have to say the hardest part was attaching the purse frame. I had the sew on type and I used embroidery floss. It was hard to center the frame and I couldn't find much information on how to attach it. Ah...brute force and ignorance wins every time! (Ha ha.)
I love how these little purses look but I'm not sure if I'll ever make any more.
I'll give Sarah (one of my Saturday morning knitting friends) the one with heart...she loves to felt and loves recycled stuff and I'll keep one for myself!
I know you're wondering about my Christmas knitting....well...I'm not making much progress and time is flying...
Happy knitting everyone.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scarf and mitts.

I don't have a lot to show in the Christmas knitting department........I still have to finish Elaine's felted bag and I can't work up the motivation to get it done. I also would like to finish socks for Lou and Cath. Other than these few things I'd be done!!! HELP, where has my knitting enthusiasm gone?????

I knit this wisp of a scarf for Lindsay our little waitress at the coffee shop. Lindsay loves a scarf and wears them all the time. I love her flair and she is so sweet.

I don't really know what colour she likes but I know it will fit!

Yarn:-Socks that Rock 100% Superwash merino. Colourway: Fairgrounds. I used the complete 360yds for the scarf.


Pattern:-Sock-it-to-me-Scarf from the book "One-Skein Wonders."

This was a mindless knit and is a chevron and feather pattern. There was one problem. The scarf is knit in 2 halves and then kitchenered/grafted in the center to maintain the wave pattern at the beginning and the end. Now I quite enjoy Kitchener or grafting but did not on this scarf. The graft did seem to pucker, maybe because of the yarn overs...I don't know, but I think I ripped it back quite a few times before I was satisfied. I tried a 3-needle bind off...and wasn't any happier with that either.

I decided to add a 3 st I-cord to the scarf ends instead of the whimsical pom-poms suggested in the pattern.

Being an overachiever I decided to knit Lindsay a pair of matching fingerless mitts. I ordered some yarn from a fellow Raveler. Unfortunately it isn't quite the same it has the same colour variations just different hues, Oh well!!!!!!!!! A mismatched set!!

I decided to do the cuff in the chevron and feather pattern to match the scarf and the rest of the mitts just plain. I did add the 3 st I-cord at the cuff, fingers and thumb.

I used Sz#2 needles.

I can't imagine either mitts or scarf will provide any warmth....and you know, on second thoughts, I probably should have gotten Lindsay a gift card!!!

Happy knitting everyone.

P.S. I did give Lindsay a gift card...I'll give this scarf and mitts to Kelly!