Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fuzzy feet..

Fuzzy feet for the family...

Pattern from knitty.com, Winter 2002 issue with some modifications:-
I used (Araucania) Nature wool chunky, (mostly leftovers from the' stained glass' bag!)
Sz#8 DP's (If you have never knit a sox and want to try,this is an ideal pattern for learning how to turn a heel..pick up stitches..etc.. and any mistakes are felted away.)
I used a crochet cast on and after 14 rows picked up the live stitches and knit these with the ones on the needles to make a cuff.
I also carried a little fun fur with the yarn for Cath's and for the wee boys' I cut down on the number of stitches cast on. Because they have hardwood floors throughout their house, I also sewed on anti skid soles I made from material bought at JoAnn's..you know the stuff used for 'footie pj's'.
Needless to say they were all thrilled and the fuzzy feet were a big hit!!!!!
Merry Christmas.
Happy knitting,

P.S. Thanks to Lou's new Nikon D300 camera for the great picture!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mommy and the 'wee man's' sox...

I knit these for my stylist, colourist, brow -waxer!!! A Christmas gift.
Now I don't normally knit for folk who aren't related unless they are really good friends of mine ( and then they know that I have a knitting foible) because most people just don't understand the blood sweat and tears that go into knit gifts!!
I do not say that lightly...anyhow, I am hoping she'll see them as a novelty (gift)...as in wearing matching sox with her wee man!!!
Yarn:- Opal Rainforest collection
Colour:-Raupe (Caterpillar)
Sz:- #1 DP's
I just made up the pattern as I went along. I cast on 65 sts for Mom's and 45 sts for the wee man's!! I'm not sure how old he is....possibly 8months or so. I measured a pair of sox at 'Target' the 12-24 month size so I hope they fit..Mom is very tiny so I went with a K3,P2 cuff thru instep..this way the sox would hug her feet....same with the wee man's!!
Not much else on the knitting front...a few more gifts and I'll start a BIG project..UMM..maybe!!
Happy knitting,
As usual another lousy pix!!!