Sunday, July 12, 2009

All occasion cards....for knitters.

A couple of weeks ago a few folks had a secret swap at 'Socknitters.'
One of the items you could send was a homemade card. I did not participate, but I did think about what kind of card I would like to enclose to a knit friend.
Here goes.
These are so on the pix to enlarge.
Using sock yarn and Sz#00 I made a little square using a few stitches.
I slipped these on dressmaker know the ones with coloured heads (I did blunt the tips using wire cutters)..and using double sided scrapbook tape stuck the swatches to the cards. And there you have it! One card says "hello" and the other says "thank-you."
I will make more. My (kind, generous, loving) daughter helped with the cards! (Thanx Cath.)
Happy knitting.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bears and booties!

Now I'm not much of a game player but Silfert at included me as one of her five! She had been tagged to put up the 10th., picture in her 1st., folder!

Now I will do the same....

As you can see I live on a 'dirt road' in rural Pennsylvania. I hate living on a dirt road but I love where I that's a contradiction...but the road is so dusty in summer, rutted and like a wagon track in spring and we are usually snowed in during the winter because dirt roads are not a priority! That about sums it up.

Okay, the advantages...I can cut myself off from the world. I don't have to go camping, and my world is teeming with wildlife.

The evening I took this picture I had been barbecuing and the smells outside of cooking were wonderful. I imagine the neighbour's mouth was watering! So it's no wonder the bear stopped by.

The Grand Poobah and I had eaten dinner. I decided to go out and make sure the gas to grill was off! (I'm sort of an a** about these little details!) I went out and was shocked to see a bear sauntering thru the yard! I rushed back indoors and yelled, "Honey, there's a bear in the yard!" The Grand Poobah said, "You must be mistaken...are you sure it's not a big dog? He came out and was impressed. He had never seen a bear that close before and he had grown up in the Allegheny 'National Forest,' where there are quite a few roaming the woods. I'd say the bear weighed near 200lbs.

I had the presence of mind to pick up my camera (because pix speak volumes.) It was just starting to get dark.....and I just never thought about adjusting for brightness etc.. So ta-da if you look carefully you can see that bad boy! Here is the 10th pix of my 1st folder!!! Not the greatest can click on the photo for a closer look!

Happy knitting.

P.S. Speaking of knitting. I made these booties/sox? for a friend.

Yarn:- Heart&Sole colour 'Green Envy.'
Cuff. 3 knit followed by 3 purl rows.
Short row double stitch heel.
Hope they fit.
Love them!
Happy 4th everyone. Stay safe!