Friday, November 14, 2008

'Old Glory' slippers for William

My grandson William asked for slippers for Xmas. He was very excited about the Presidential election this year and was thrilled at the outcome!! He decided he wanted red, white and blue ones and called them 'Old Glory'.
I found this pattern 'Easy House Slippers'by Liecel Tverli Scully.
I cast on 14sts and knit 28rows of each colour on Sz#8 needles for a smaller size.
I used leftover Nature wool Chunky weight and I did buy some 'Patons' off white wool which I used doubled.
These were soooo simple and knit up in a few takes me a little while to felt, as I have a front-load washer and do some felting by hand.
The really fun part was folding the "L" shape to make the slippers. I can hardly believe that the strip of knitting folded up into a slipper. I am so damn thankful there is a viedo on YouTube of the process....or I'd have pulled my hair out!! (TeeHee) The Grand Poobah now needs a felted swatch..he will see if some silicone will work as an anti-skid measure on the soles!! Awww..thanks honey!
I have also been knitting dishcloths, picked some 'ground pine' and made 3 wreaths. I sent my Mother 2 pair of sox and yes she did complain...her words "Who knits patterns on sox?" Obviously me Ma!! I am working on a pair for my friend Elaine...who loves everything I do!!!
I will post pix I haven't been idle...okay maybe a little!!!
Happy knitting.