Monday, December 20, 2010

Wine felted bag

Finished finally...I'm meeting Elaine in the morning at the 'Bagel Shop' to exchange gifts so thank goodness I'm done!
Pattern:-Felted "No Rules" Bag by Robin Smith
Yarn:-Araucania Nature wool Chunky. Colours, wine, cranberry, black. I love using chunky it makes a lovely dense fabric.
This bag measures 9"x13." With the handle it measures 15"x13." I added a felted flower.
I do like this bag. I don't know why it took so long to finish. I think I may need to take break from knitting...we'll see how I feel in the new year!
I still have to finish Lou's socks. I have a pair for Cath.. The wee boys are getting no knitted gifts this year and I'm sure they won't mind. I made a bunch of cookies and a pumpkin roll for them so they'll be over the moon!
Happy knitting everyone and I hope you finish all your special projects on time!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Crafty coin purses.

My girl friend Elaine is always on the lookout for thickened wool sweaters/cardigans for me since she knows I love to felt and recycle them. I usually save the buttons too. This is a partially felted cardigan she gave me during the summer.
During Thanksgiving my daughter took me to a big Jo~Ann store in her neighbourhood. This store has so much stuff compared to the one I go to in Pennsylvania....I went wild gathering up things I thought I might use.
I spied these little coin purse frames, and bought a couple as I always wanted to try to make a coin purse using felted wool.
I used this tutorial for guidance
I used the felted sweater for the outer body of the coin purse and some batik remnants for the lining.
I would have to say the hardest part was attaching the purse frame. I had the sew on type and I used embroidery floss. It was hard to center the frame and I couldn't find much information on how to attach it. Ah...brute force and ignorance wins every time! (Ha ha.)
I love how these little purses look but I'm not sure if I'll ever make any more.
I'll give Sarah (one of my Saturday morning knitting friends) the one with heart...she loves to felt and loves recycled stuff and I'll keep one for myself!
I know you're wondering about my Christmas knitting....well...I'm not making much progress and time is flying...
Happy knitting everyone.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scarf and mitts.

I don't have a lot to show in the Christmas knitting department........I still have to finish Elaine's felted bag and I can't work up the motivation to get it done. I also would like to finish socks for Lou and Cath. Other than these few things I'd be done!!! HELP, where has my knitting enthusiasm gone?????

I knit this wisp of a scarf for Lindsay our little waitress at the coffee shop. Lindsay loves a scarf and wears them all the time. I love her flair and she is so sweet.

I don't really know what colour she likes but I know it will fit!

Yarn:-Socks that Rock 100% Superwash merino. Colourway: Fairgrounds. I used the complete 360yds for the scarf.


Pattern:-Sock-it-to-me-Scarf from the book "One-Skein Wonders."

This was a mindless knit and is a chevron and feather pattern. There was one problem. The scarf is knit in 2 halves and then kitchenered/grafted in the center to maintain the wave pattern at the beginning and the end. Now I quite enjoy Kitchener or grafting but did not on this scarf. The graft did seem to pucker, maybe because of the yarn overs...I don't know, but I think I ripped it back quite a few times before I was satisfied. I tried a 3-needle bind off...and wasn't any happier with that either.

I decided to add a 3 st I-cord to the scarf ends instead of the whimsical pom-poms suggested in the pattern.

Being an overachiever I decided to knit Lindsay a pair of matching fingerless mitts. I ordered some yarn from a fellow Raveler. Unfortunately it isn't quite the same it has the same colour variations just different hues, Oh well!!!!!!!!! A mismatched set!!

I decided to do the cuff in the chevron and feather pattern to match the scarf and the rest of the mitts just plain. I did add the 3 st I-cord at the cuff, fingers and thumb.

I used Sz#2 needles.

I can't imagine either mitts or scarf will provide any warmth....and you know, on second thoughts, I probably should have gotten Lindsay a gift card!!!

Happy knitting everyone.

P.S. I did give Lindsay a gift card...I'll give this scarf and mitts to Kelly!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Charlie's coat

Here we are in Maryland for Thanksgiving.
My daughter and her family adopted Charlie in June from the pound. Charlie is a terrier mix and he adores his new family. He's a mangy little dog and his fur is sparse so they wanted me to knit him a sweater! he is.....
Pattern:-The Manwell by Stepanie Michaud. This is from my new book "Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders." I bought this book at the incredible price of $2.50. I got 2 books plus shipping for $10.80 from Barnes & Noble. Wow, I was thrilled. Who doesn't love a bargain?
Needles:- I used Sz#2 circulars but I should have used Sz#3 or maybe Sz#4. The sweater is a little snug on Charlie, but not too bad. I wish I would have had measurements. It was an easy straightforward pattern. I love the little opening on the neck for his leash and the little pocket that holds a treat...Charlie loves it too!
Yarn:-Patons Kroy Jaquard sock . Colour 'Slate.' I love Kroy yarn, easy care and it has a nice heft.
I really should be focusing on my Christmas knitting...hopefully I'll get it all done on time..but you never know???
Happy knitting everyone and "Happy Thanksgiving."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lesson learned.

One of my knitting friends when she was browsing thru a "knitpicks"catalogue, spotted the "Yvette Entrelac Beret & Mitts" set and asked if I thought she could knit them. I causally responded that I thought she could since we would be meeting every Saturday and I could look over her work and help if necessary.
What a big mistake on my part.
Now, I would consider myself a fairly competent knitter and I have knit a couple of pair of entrelac socks but this pattern is the confusing!!!
And to think the mittens are supposed to be the simple part of the set! GULP!!!!!!
Pattern:-Yvette Entrelac Beret & Mitts by Knit Picks Design Team.
Yarn:-Knit Picks Andean Silk. Colours; Crimini, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Cream.
Needles:-Sz#7 and Sz#6.
Never advise anyone unless you read the pattern beforehand. If you're anything like me you feel an obligation to just figure everything out and knit it for them! Lesson learned!
Just think I still have to do the beret........"sigh!"
Happy knitting everyone.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little distractions.....

Barbara, one of my friends from our Saturday "Sip & Stitch" group always brings lovely cookies for each of us (for every holiday)...she is such a sweet lady. I can't imagine the time and effort that goes into making these cookies. They are beautiful...all that preparation and with a few bites they are gone....but they are so yummy!
To say thanks I decided I'd make a "cookie" card! My cookie, 'tho not as decorative as Barbara's is completely fat free...hee, hee.
I knit a little circle and with dark brown yarn sewed little brown knots to represent chocolate chips!!! I know she'll love this card!
I don't know why I'm fooling around making cards, I guess it's because I know I have a bunch of Christmas knitting that needs attention and I'm just so's probably the pressure. I find when I'm under pressure I put things that's gonna work! Sigh...I really must stop lolly-gagging!
Happy knitting everyone.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funky Fickle Fingers

Pattern:-Fickle Finger Scarf by Gayle Roehm from Interweave Knits (winter) 2005.
This is a great pattern done in seed stitch and the scarf is reversible. The fingers are made by casting on extra stitches at the end of the row and then promptly casting them off at the beginning of the next row!
The scarf measures about 58" long and about 6.5" wide. Fast, easy and mindless to knit!
Needles:- I used Sz#10 (the pattern calls for Sz#9.)
Yarn:-I used 3 skeins of Noro Bonbori, colour 3, lot#B. I love this is full of little nubs but feels soft. I haven't blocked it yet but I know it will bloom.
I'm not sure if I'll keep this scarf for myself....although winter is just around the corner and I have to admit I do love to wear funky scarves!
Happy knitting everyone.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Six for Sandy

Sandy works at the "Veteran's Hospital" and has decided to play Santa to the residents this year. She thought a hat each would be a great gift so she recruited a bunch of knitters to help. I know she has gotten quite a few charity hats so far and here are mine!
Yarn:-Wool-Ease chunky. Colours:- Walnut, Mulberry, Charcoal, Blue Denim, Green, etc..
Needles:-Sz#8 and Sz#10, DP's and 16"circs..
Patterns:-The brown is the "Chunky Dean Street Hat" by Nina Machlin Dayton. This pattern is very easy and I love how it looks. The striped is a variation of this using up all my ends and pieces!
The green and blue is "Fenced In" by Tracey Kay. This pattern is a little more detailed and you do have to move the stitches occasionally so the pattern lines up.
The red and blue is "Snowball" by Katie Himmelsberg and is from Interweave Knits 2007. However, I do think it's now a free pattern!
O...and I had to knit another pair of little socks. Barbara had another grandchild...a wee boy this time.
Yarn:-Red Heart. Heart&Sole. Colour "Faded Jeans."
Needles:-Sz#1. DP"s.
Pattern:- Just a 40 st cast on and the sock is done in 2x2 ribbing. Nice and stretchy for a little foot. I did try to match up the colour sequence in each sock as much as possible.
I'm still working on Elaine's bag for Xmas and a few other odds and ends.
Happy knitting everyone.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Knitting friends...

I knit these booties/socks when we were told at our knit group meeting Saturday, that Lydia (one of our knitting friends) had a baby girl. The baby's name is Basia? (I think this is the spelling) and this is Polish for Barbara in honour of her Grandma. Sweet!
The baby was born at home and she weighed in at over 10lbs...owwwwww!
Yarn:-Red Heart, 'Heart & Sole.' I used Watercolor Stripe and Ivory!
Needles:-Sz#1 DP's
Pattern:-Just a basic sock knit over 40 sts. I did add the 'Circle Sock Pattern" by Anne Campbell on the cuff. I like to use this pattern on the cuff because it's nice and stretchy and if I know anything it's that this baby is a big girl! The socks look so big to me...I am so out of touch with baby sizes, 'tho better too big than too small!
I am also doing more ornaments for the group for Christmas...shhhh...these are all a surprise and I haven't put them on Ravelry yet!
Pattern:-Knitted Christmas Ornament Covers by Judy Sumner.
Yarn:-Noro Daria. It is like heavy string but the colour lengths are gorgeous. This is colour#5...very like jewel tones. The pic. doesn't do the colour justice!
I wondered if it would fit over the glass ornament and I kept trying it on....just like I do when knitting socks..hee, hee!
Our group has been knitting squares for lap blankets and we have quite a few done. We are also doing caps for the Vets..
I really enjoy hanging out with my knitting friends every Saturday....mostly it's that I love to gab!
Happy knitting everyone.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another fabric strip/rag knit bag

One of my knitting friends asked me why I liked using other materials besides yarn. Ummm, let me see.....I think it's because the finished product has such a unique look.
Here is another little unique fabric bag.
I found the strips and material for lining the bag at a yard sale.
The bag isn't very big. 12" tall; 11" long; 3" wide base.
I used sz#9 needles and the fabric is dense.
I cast on 40 sts and knit a rectangle of 20 rows.
I finished my last row, switched to circular needles and picked up 10sts along the first short side, an additional 40 sts opposite the first 40 sts and 10 more stitches along last short side.
I knit on these 100 sts until I almost ran out of fabric strips.
I then did a 3 st I-cord bind off since it creates a nice slighty rolled edge.
I then turned the bag inside out. I liked the look of the garter texture on the outside.
I added handles from a straw bag I found at the thrift store and then lined the bag.

This is a great little bag...ah but there's the rub, it's a little too small for me. I like to carry a lot of junk! Maybe someone will want it...
Happy knitting everyone.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shades of 'greenjeans'

Here finally is Mr Greenjeans. This is Sarah modelling it for you. All my worries about fit were for's a perfect fit and Sarah loves it!
I finished a couple of days ago but I just got it washed and blocked. Our weather here has been rainy, and it seemed to take forever to dry.
Pattern:-Mr Greenjeans by Amy Swenson from Knitty fall 2007.
Yarn:-Araucania nature wool colour #27 "Pea Green." This yarn is classified worsted weight 'tho I'd say it's more light worsted or a double knit! I have to say I like this weight and I love this yarn. What I didn't like was using two different skeins at once but felt I had to since this yarn is kettle dyed creating big variations in each skein.
Modifications:-On the yoke raglan increases I used a 'make one' (R) or (L) instead of a 'yarn over'. I also did a (R) or (L) twist on the knit 2 between these increases.
I made a shawl collar. To do this I marked where I wanted the collar to end and built up this portion of the collar with short rows 'till I reached the desired length.
I made 6 button holes instead of 1. I love these buttons I picked up a Jo~Ann's...a perfect match!
I decided to go with all cables on the cuff and not do the rib and cable pattern. I felt it was just a little too loose. I added 4" to the body and sleeve length....whew!
I am sooo relieved I'm done.
Did I tell you Sarah made me a beautiful sock bracelet and I decided to knit her this cardigan to say "thanks!"
I am now knitting hats for the VA fast and easy!
I am also working on a new fabric strip bag.
Happy knitting everyone.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dusty Peonies...

I have a big stash of sock yarn that is weighing heavily on my mind and since I haven't been knitting any socks I have turned my attention to one skein shawls or shawlettes!
This is free pattern and you can find it here:-
Zoe by Emily Kausalik.
I liked knitting this 'cause it was so mindless, 20 rows of garter and 20 rows of stockinette stitch. The 20 rows of each were to be done 3x's but I had so much yarn left over I did them 4x's.
It really was such lovely TV knitting. There is too, the optional ruffled edging. As you can see I choose to do the ruffle! It just adds a nice feminine touch.
Yarn:-Zoe hand paint sock. I love using Zoe yarn.
This little shawl measures 40"X 20"...perfect!
I made a little tag with the yarn wrapper (you know, with washing/drying instructions) and the 'Grand Poobah' bent a long double pointed needle in half to make a two prong fork that can used as a shawl pin! I have to say 'tho my Mother frowned on sticking needles in knitting! She said it would make a hole....oh well!
I have someone in mind for this shawlette. She has been having a rough time...I thought of her while I was knitting and just added some hope, prayers and love for a successful outcome!
Happy knitting everyone.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ripping and still reworking

As you can see I'm still plodding along on Sarah's cardigan. I decided to rip out the cable bit and follow the pattern as written. So it has been slow going because I was almost ready to cast off the body part when I realised I had read the pattern wrong, aaagggghhh. is the corrected version! This will add more room, and fingers crossed it will fit.
Okay, I can hear you saying. "Mr. Greenjeans doesn't have a shawl collar!" That's true...but this one does. Sarah said when she had a little try on, and I took her measurements it needed a big collar, she may have been joking but I ran with the idea! I just marked where I wanted the collar to end and did a few short rows here and there. Truthfully, I hadn't a clue about the process but figured I could always rip it off if I wasn't happy!
I know I should have waited 'till the sleeves were done before adding the button bands and collar, but I was a little bored and decided I needed a wee bit of a challenge. In case you were wondering...the pins are for the button placements. So far I love everything about this cardi.
I am also working on the mystery shawl! O my God...this is gonna take forever to do! I hate to complain but we get a clue once a week and it's only about 30 rows, tops!
I did start another little shawlette, scarf thingie using one skein of sock yarn. Really I have so much sock yarn and since I haven't been knitting socks lately, this is a good way to use up some! Probably it will be a gift for someone!
Haven't I become fickle in my dotage....a bunch of projects on the needles and I can't commit to one! This could be the reason I can't get anything finished. Okay, that and
Happy knitting everyone.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

135 days 'till Christmas

It's never too early to get ready for Christmas..especially if you decide to do fiddly stuff!
I know you all understand the "ship in a bottle," concept, well this is "knitting in a Christmas ornament," and they are super!
I thought I'd make one each for my Saturday knit group, and since they turned out well, I must order more glass balls and send a couple to my family who knit.
They were not terribly hard to do once I figured them out.
I used toothpicks for the knitting needles and put beads on the one end. I used sock yarn for knitting. Fun, fun, fun!
For those of you interested in unique "knitting" gifts, this is a free pattern on Ravelry.
Honestly.....who thinks of these things???? 'Tho I for one am glad they did. I will tell you, the 'Grand Poobah' does think I have too much time on my hands...and sometimes I have to agree!
I took a couple of pics outside but they didn't come out too well. The sun was reflecting off the glass...sorry for the glare!
I am still working on my mystery shawl.
I am still plodding along on Sarah's cardi and I've started another shawl for a friend!
Have fun with the ornaments!
Happy knitting.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little mystery, called Ludivine.

This is a package I received today and I love it. I got it because I joined a mystery KAL on Ravelry by Shalimar yarns. It wasn't necessary to use any particular colour of Shalimar yarn, but to participate you have to use Zoe sock yarn by Shalimar.
I just went ahead and ordered the suggested colour for my shawl, as I love this yarn!
With my yarn I got some extra goodies...

  1. a. a pattern, for the lovely "Heike Shawlette" by Linda Minnick. (This is not the 'mystery' pattern.)
  2. b. beads

c. a sachet of lavender

d. and of course...a gorgeous skein of Zoe sock yarn. (The pic doesn't do the colour justice!)

We will all start getting clues for the shawl on August 1st...I can't wait. I'm hoping to be able to work on both Sarah's cardi and the shawl, fingers crossed I'm not being overly ambitious..we'll see!

Happy knitting everyone.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little progress.

Just wanted to show how Sarah's? sweater is progressing. I hope it isn't too small but I do have a big question about the size. My gauge however is spot on!
I love this yarn, but I do have to alternate skeins every couple of rows because with the yarn having been kettle dyed, the colour variations are very pronounced.
If you haven't figured out by now, 'tho I imagine you have...this is 'Mr. Greenjeans' with an extra cable twist and no rib pattern on the bottom. Honestly, I read the instructions wrong and was too far along before I looked at a picture and realised mine just wasn't right...thank goodness Sarah loves cables!
I also added a little mock twist on the 2 sts between the raglan increases and decreases. I'm loving how it looks so far!
Happy knitting everyone.
P.S. My Mother died a year ago today, so I'll raise my glass and say..."Here's to you Mary, miss you lots."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Going green!

Okay...I know you thought I was going to talk about reducing my carbon footprint but instead this post is all about the colour green. Oh, well, I hope you'll read on.
I knit these beads for Barbara, one of my knitting friends from our "Saturday-stitch-n-sip" group.
This pattern is from
The beads are knit using DMC embroidery floss on Sz#0 needles. I choose to add glass beads and finished the necklace with an I-cord ribbon and toggle clasp.
These beads are deceptively easy and fun to do. I used different shades of green and now I find Barbara loves pastels...(hee hee!)...I should have asked.
The bowl of green yarn is for Sarah's cardigan. I love using "Nature Wool" yarn! I just hope she likes green...but who knows!
I hope she likes the pattern I've chosen and most importantly I hope it fits, although the 'Grand Poobah' says the cardi will fit someone...and you know he's so right!
I hope you're all enjoying summer.
Happy knitting.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sun hat...

I wanted a sun hat with a brim I could wear when I was working in the I scoured the patterns on Ravelry and this one jumped out at me. I didn't want any old hat...I had high standards!
My hat criteria:-
It had to have a brim...check.
Knit with cotton....check. ( Especially since I'd just bought "Sugar'nCream" at Michaels for a $1 a cake.)
Made to fit, me....check. (I took a bunch of measurements.)
It is cute, but it's a lot warmer than I thought it would be. The Grand Poobah says I look a lot like Martha Washington's chambermaid, and you know I have to admit...I do!
It probably won't get lots of wear, no doubt I'll go back to wearing my baseball hat!
Pattern:-Sunshine & Lollipops by machen/machen found here (Ravelry link)
Yarn:-"Sugar'nCream" approx 2 skeins.
The hat was a fast easy knit..started at the top and worked down. The hat band and inner brim was knit using a contrast colour.( I choose light purple to offset the dark purple, gray, navy and green.)
I do wear it...occasionally.
Happy knitting everyone and don't forget your hat and sunscreen!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I always feel like I'm cheating when I knit top down....and I know it's because I don't have to worry about the dreaded seaming!
I'm such a perfectionist about my seams it causes me no end of grief! I even took a seaming class, but it didn't really help with the worry!
Doing top down, means I just have a very few ends to weave in and I'm done! Yeah! Problem solved!
Pattern:-Siesta by Carol Feller. This is a free pattern here (Ravelry link)
Modifications:- I lengthened the sleeves by about an inch....because of my old lady arms.
This is a lovely very easy to follow pattern.
Yarn:-Naturally 'Country'. Now this top was supposed to be DK yarn but I somehow bought worsted weight...oh well, it got the job done and I love it! It will be more of a spring fall weight top than a summer one!
I love the i-cord edging and although it was a pain to graft the i-cord edges together it does make a nice neat finished edge.
I have promised to knit a friend a I must choose pattern and yarn!
Could it be there is another top down/cheat in my future.
Happy knitting everyone.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can you believe this??

Can you believe this..another project, wasn't it just yesterday I posted? Okay..lets get real here...there was not much work involved in this one. (hee hee)
This is a special birthday card for wee Jamsey who will soon be 7!
The notion to do this came last night so I just used materials I had on hard.
My knitting is pulling in a little because I used chunky pink (face) and the background is worsted weight!
I love the googly eyes.
Pattern:- (Ravelry link)I love Ravelry for ideas and patterns!
I did the embroidery and the hair with sock yarn and machine sewed the knitting to one of those cheap cardboard frames.
Happy knitting.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a girl!

My friend Sandy is happily anticipating her first grand baby..and guess what.."It's a girl!" I bet the pink was a dead giveaway.(heehee)
I have knit for so many baby boys this is such a treat.
Yarn:-Crystal Palace Merino 5 100% superwash. (nice yarn to work with..altho not so much if your have ripped out a piece 5 or 6 times! )
Needles Sz#7
I originally was going to do a shrug but just didn't like the u-shape construction, so I bought a little pattern on Ravelry.
Pattern:-Bitty Bolero by Pixie Purls
This is a great little top down pattern, practically seamless.
Modifications:-the collar was supposed to be knit in 2x2 like the ribbing on the sleeve cuffs, bottom and curved front edge but I probably wasn't doing it right because I hated that my stitches looked wonky. I decided to just do a garter stitch collar. I added a little I-cord loop and pink elephant button.
I decided to add a little hat to complete the look.
This is "Lilly's Hat" a free pattern on Ravelry, but I changed it up..a lot.
Lilly's hat is knit bottom up...mine top down.
I did more increases on the crown, added a few more rows for a little longer length but finished with the same ruffles on the bottom. I added a little flower. Awwww.
The modifications here saved me from casting on 352sts and joining without twisting!
Now I just hope everything fits. Babies grow so fast in the first few weeks and new Moms get so much stuff, do babies really even get a chance to wear everything they get??
The Grand Poobah just asked me if I was knitting socks to really complete the answer was a resounding "NO"...I just seem to have lost my sock mojo!
Hope you are all enjoying the summer.
Happy knitting.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handspun happiness!

Here I am draped in handspun.
I just didn't know what I should knit. Altogether I had about 94 grams of yarn. Well, since I love little scarves.....
Pattern:-"Saroyan" by Liz Abinante. This designers patterns include "Traveling Woman" shawl and "Temperance" socks. All her patterns are great.
This is a free pattern on Ravelry.
Yarn:-Handspun. Colour "Kingsford charcoal" spun and dyed by Silfert/Audrey.
Although this pattern is written for worsted weight yarn and Sz#10 needles you could easily substitute any yarn and needles.
I did 9 patterns on the increase and decrease portions and 10 patterns on the straight section. I had exactly 2 grams of yarn leftover.
I decided to add beads for a little pizazz on the lovely leaf lace edging. I soaked the scarf for about an hour and then blocked it. It is a beautiful little scarf and is particularly dear to me since it was handspun by Silfert at and I know it will get lots of wear!
I have started a 'Baby Shrug' for a friend.
Happy knitting everyone.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Barbara's (basketweave) Annetrelac Socks

Finally done! I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about these socks. They were just soooo big [sorry Barbara] and all that plain knitting did get boring.
As you can see I gave Barbara her socks this morning at our "Sip and Stitch" meeting at the coffee shop. And of course I took a couple of pix....
Pattern;-Annetrelac Socks by Sandy Beadle from Interweave Knits, Holiday 2007. Everyone thinks entrelac looks like basketweave!
Needles:-Sz#0 for the entrelac cuff and Sz#1 for the rest of the sock.
Yarn:-Patons Kroy FX. Clover colours. I used 132 grams or about 2 and 2/3 balls.
I know Barbara was pleased with her socks and I'm overjoyed to be done.
I am knitting a little scarf with my lovely handspun and I decided to add beads and we'll see how that goes. I still have my "roses" socks to finish too...happy knitting everyone.

Friday, April 30, 2010

This and that.

This little bag I have sent to Silfert for her little man. She had mentioned she was looking for a pattern for one...ages ago. Sooo I thought I'd knit one.
Pattern:-Little Penny Pouches by Sara Foster from Interweave Felt Special Issue 2008. I modified the pattern heavily to knit this.
I started with a base, and continued to the top.
Yarn:-1 skein of Noro Kureyon colour#184. (leftover from my Tasha shawl.) I really, really love the Noro colours.
Needles:-Sz#8 DP's
What a quick easy knit. I used cord and a painted wooden ball to finish off the bag. It measures approximately 4 1/2" tall and the base is about 3 1/2" across.
I thought the felting took a long time, but then smaller things usually do and I did it by hand!
The necklaces I made for Sarah, one of the knitters I see most every week at the coffee shop.
Pattern:-Anjies knitted Bead Necklace. You can find this free pattern here
Yarn:-leftover sock.
I decided to use small wooden beads instead of fiberfill.
These were a bit fiddly to work but the end result is so cute.
I still haven't finished Barbara's socks and the roses socks.
I would like to start something using my new handspun. I have a lot of plans but am only motivated to do this and that! Oh, well.
Happy knitting.
P.S. If you look at the necklace pic you can see the dust on the road. A car had just driven past, ah, the joys of living on a dirt road!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Love at first sight..

Today I received the most gorgeous yarn in my mailbox....and it is my first handspun. It was a gift from a "Socknitter" friend. She decided to have a contest and of course a bunch of folks entered. I think all we had to do was name our favourite colour. It was all in good fun and I expected nothing. Silfert/Audrey, however, very generously sent everyone who entered a hank of homespun. Let me just say I am thrilled and delighted! Check out the other skeins/colours on her blog. This woman is a dynamo..she has a toddler, husband and a job and still found time to wash, card, spin and dye, I think I count ten hanks (from the pic on her blog) and then mail each one with a personalised note....WOW!!!!! I'm not only impressed I'm out of breath!
My colour is "Kingsford" after the charcoal. My problem now is what to knit. I must find something that is going to do this yarn justice. Of course I won't be starting right away...I have to savour it....caress it, look and admire this yarn for a little while.
I do want to thank Silfert for her generous gift and for her friendship. I am so touched.
Thank you again....I feel as if I am wrapped in homespun happiness.
Happy knitting.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shaggy bag...

I know, I've been such a sloth blogging, no knitting, nothing. Well that's not entirely true, I could sit all day on the computer...and before I realise it, my day is shot!
I have made a little progress on Barb's socks, I just don't know why I can't seem to get on the ball and finish them....possibly because they are so big!!!!!!!
But...I do have this bag.
I knit this using "Recycled Sari Silk" This yarn is handspun from reprocessed woven silk saris. Let me tell you if I thought 'Noro Kureyon' was tough to work with well it's nothing compared to sari silk. This stuff is full of vegetable matter and God knows does smell a little and it has knots, it is thick and thin in spots and sheds and unravels. That being said the colours are fantastic. It knits up into a drapey fabric and it softened after I washed it, 'tho it still smells a little funky. At least the colours didn't run or bleed.
I used Sz#8 needles.
Just knit a rectangle, picked up the stitches in the round and knit the body of the bag. I finished with about 8 garter rows. I made 3 I-cords and braided (in Ireland I would have said plaited instead of braided) them together for the handle. I knit little tabs and added metal rings to the handle.
I lined the bag with 'batik' fabric from Jo~Annes, added a pocket and a metal magnet closure.
It's unusual and I like it.
I am sorry I haven't been blogging. I guess you could say I flit from one thing to another and can't quite settle myself.
Hopefully I'll do better.
Happy knitting.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rosemary's Ribbit

This little guy is for one of my knitting buddies, who adores frogs. She collects frogs and frog stuff. I'll preface by saying this; I think her car seat covers are decorated with frogs, as is her jacket, her keys, her purse etc..okay, you must know the type. I'm sure you have met someone like her..not necessarily a frog collector, just any (object) collector. Rosemary's passion just happens to be frogs...mine is yarn!
I decided to knit the frog because she made me some chocolate covered peanut butter eggs and gave me a lovely card. (The eggs were delicious..and no, I didn't share my private hoard with anyone. Hee hee) Apparently she made the eggs for me because I help her with her knitting. I can't imagine that I'm imparting any great knitting advice...but you never know!
I come from a culture where it is very hard just to accept a gift and say "thanks." No, I come from a place where you feel you have to's a 'quid pro quo' sorta thing! Someone does something nice for you, you return the favour....hence the frog.
This is a free pattern called 'Ribbit' by Susan B. Anderson here
I used Sz#5 needles
Yarn:-Tahki Kerry. (Colour:-5009. A tweedy light green.)
I made a few modifications. I picked up the stitches for the arms and legs. Same with the body and head...didn't do them separately.
This pattern uses a tennis ball for the body...isn't that a great idea?
I did add a little scarf I knit using pink embroidery floss and Sz#000 needles. I added a little frog button to complete the look.
Okay, I hope Rosemary likes it 'tho I'm sure she'll love one that's been knitted especially for her.
Happy knitting everyone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

So little to show

I haven't been knitting very much lately...shame on me! It's like I'll start something and get fed up and rip it. So I have very little to show.
Here goes:-
The mini socks are a free pattern on Raverly. It is "Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments" by Little Cotton Rabbits. This pattern is knitted flat so I adapted it for the round. Basically I just used the charts. I thought I'd throw in a little squirrel sock. The squirrel here is from the "Squirrelly Swedish Mittens" by Eli Stubenrauch. I decided to use garter stitch short row heels and toes and I used sz#000 needles to keep the socks tiny and it was like knitting with straightened out paperclips!
As you can see I've decided to knit a pair of 'Annetrelac' by Sandy Beadle. (I have knit this pattern before so it's no real challenge 'tho it does look nice.) I'm not real crazy about my choice of yarn because it's a little thick and since I'm using Sz#0 needles the fabric is denser than I like. O well...they can be boot socks.
The last pic is 'Roses' from the Mitten Book. These have been my undoing! I started these on
sz#1 needles and when they wouldn't fit over my heel. [What good are socks that won't even go on your feet!] I ordered sz#2 needles and had to do them over.
I love doing colourwork, but it does get tedious when I end up ripping out miles and miles of stitches.
I'm still optimistic and I am hoping to finish everything soon..we'll see.
I may have told you this before but I am in a great knitting group. We meet every Saturday and the folks are so nice...and we all get along well.
Happy knitting everyone.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

From a sweater to a felted bag..

Sometimes I feel like knitting and sometimes I say to myself "Why bother?" This is one of these times....
I bought this sweater at the Salvation Army Thrift store for $2.00, with the intention of felting it and making a tote bag. Let me say I love big felted bags!
If you decide to make a wool garment and felt before cutting.
Let your imagination be your guide. I cut under the arms all the way across for the body of the bag. I had a nice rolled edge for the opening at the top. I measured and used one of the sleeves for the base. I didn't open the sleeve. I like to use the sleeve doubled so I can insert a piece of heavy plastic to add structure.
I also used part of the other sleeve for an inside pocket and the neck rolled edge for the button loop. I tried making handles from the other sleeve but it didn't look right so I bought a skein of Patons wool and knit two i-cords. I hate white and decided to dye the finished bag black.
As you can see it's brown..but that's okay....probably it would have gotten darker if I'd bought another bottle of dye.
I had a little novelty yarn and made a little flower. (The Grand Poobah says it looks like a cinnamon roll..heehee) I just pinned the flower on the front that way I can remove it and leave the bag plain.
I sewed a big button on the front.
I am still working on a pair of socks..these are the forever pair!
Look the bag pic) at all the heavy wet snow we've gotten in the last couple of days....great knitting weather, if only I felt like knitting.
Happy creating or knitting or just doin' nothing.