Monday, July 30, 2007

Knitted 'rag' bag

Doesn't this little bag look is based on the felted..em..duffel, but is a little bag knitted with 2 different fabric strips. The 'Grand Poobah' tied the strips together for me and then wound them into"thanks honey." (He told me his Grandma crocheted rugs from fabric strips. She made her strips from old clothes.) least my strips were pre-cut!!!
It is 7' tall and the base is 7" across.
I lined the bag, (I love the striped fabric...almost like ticking) knit an i-cord with the strips for a handle. The bag could be used to carry a small project and I'm going to send it to my sock pal. Working with fabric strips was very hard on my hands (no give with fabric, or very little) or maybe it was the sz 10 1/2 needles??
Tonight I will wash the bag....who knows..this could be a disaster..hence the pix!!!
The last two weeks are a blur. We had the grand kids ( 6 and 4) and boy, after chasing them, doing laundry, cooking, etc,etc, and keeping them entertained I was worn out. My "hat's off " to all the young folks with families, who still manage to knit and write a blog....I'm still recovering, but really we had a ball!!
I just haven't been blogging and I'm still working on the 2nd., 'Merino Lace Socks' I could dub these my 'forever' project!!!
Happy knitting,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The felted..em..'Duffel' bag?

Here is a little felted bag...I just needed a break from sox (I still haven't finished the 'Merino Lace socks. "tut, tut," shame on me!!!!) and as I had already done 2 mitered squares, I was thinking about building a 'wee' bag!
I will give this to Michelle my SIL of the "pair of socks" a day fame! She absolutely loves and appreciates a felted bag!!!!! how do you go from two squares to this?? I don't know, maybe I just wanted something different than a tote. This bag, to me, is reminiscent of a school bag we used in Ireland in the late 50's early 60's...yikes, I'm dating myself....we called it a duffel!!!
I used Paton's wool doubled approx., 4 skeins
Sz 8 circular needles
The 'Grand Poobah' drilled out a 45cent wooden 'candle cup' and then stained it and added a clear coat for the sliding toggle on the Icord. (Thanks honey)
The bag could probably have used grommets in the holes around the edge but unfortunately the 'Grand Poobah' doesn't have that tool in his arsenal...and I wasn't about to pay around 22 bucks for a one shot deal...I'm such a miser!!!
The bag is about 10" x 7"
I love the bottom circle.
What's next...well the Grandsons will be here for 2 weeks..yippee!
Happy knitting.