Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rosemary's Ribbit

This little guy is for one of my knitting buddies, who adores frogs. She collects frogs and frog stuff. I'll preface by saying this; I think her car seat covers are decorated with frogs, as is her jacket, her keys, her purse etc..okay, you must know the type. I'm sure you have met someone like her..not necessarily a frog collector, just any (object) collector. Rosemary's passion just happens to be frogs...mine is yarn!
I decided to knit the frog because she made me some chocolate covered peanut butter eggs and gave me a lovely card. (The eggs were delicious..and no, I didn't share my private hoard with anyone. Hee hee) Apparently she made the eggs for me because I help her with her knitting. I can't imagine that I'm imparting any great knitting advice...but you never know!
I come from a culture where it is very hard just to accept a gift and say "thanks." No, I come from a place where you feel you have to reciprocate...it's a 'quid pro quo' sorta thing! Someone does something nice for you, you return the favour....hence the frog.
This is a free pattern called 'Ribbit' by Susan B. Anderson here http://ravelry.com/
I used Sz#5 needles
Yarn:-Tahki Kerry. (Colour:-5009. A tweedy light green.)
I made a few modifications. I picked up the stitches for the arms and legs. Same with the body and head...didn't do them separately.
This pattern uses a tennis ball for the body...isn't that a great idea?
I did add a little scarf I knit using pink embroidery floss and Sz#000 needles. I added a little frog button to complete the look.
Okay, I hope Rosemary likes it 'tho I'm sure she'll love one that's been knitted especially for her.
Happy knitting everyone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

So little to show

I haven't been knitting very much lately...shame on me! It's like I'll start something and get fed up and rip it. So I have very little to show.
Here goes:-
The mini socks are a free pattern on Raverly. It is "Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments" by Little Cotton Rabbits. This pattern is knitted flat so I adapted it for the round. Basically I just used the charts. I thought I'd throw in a little squirrel sock. The squirrel here is from the "Squirrelly Swedish Mittens" by Eli Stubenrauch. I decided to use garter stitch short row heels and toes and I used sz#000 needles to keep the socks tiny and it was like knitting with straightened out paperclips!
As you can see I've decided to knit a pair of 'Annetrelac' by Sandy Beadle. (I have knit this pattern before so it's no real challenge 'tho it does look nice.) I'm not real crazy about my choice of yarn because it's a little thick and since I'm using Sz#0 needles the fabric is denser than I like. O well...they can be boot socks.
The last pic is 'Roses' from the Mitten Book. These have been my undoing! I started these on
sz#1 needles and when they wouldn't fit over my heel. [What good are socks that won't even go on your feet!] I ordered sz#2 needles and had to do them over.
I love doing colourwork, but it does get tedious when I end up ripping out miles and miles of stitches.
I'm still optimistic and I am hoping to finish everything soon..we'll see.
I may have told you this before but I am in a great knitting group. We meet every Saturday and the folks are so nice...and we all get along well.
Happy knitting everyone.