Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why yes......I do still knit!

My title says it all...I still knit occasionally!
These are Lou's Christmas socks finally done!

 This pattern can be found here To add a little visual interest I decided to go with an afterthought heel.
It seemed to me these socks fought me every step and I didn't think I'd finish in time.
I love this pattern..mainly because the cuff is stretchy and will fit any ankle and has a little bit of a pattern.
Yarn:-Wisdom Yarn Marathon Socks--Maui #261. I didn't mind the yarn although it was splitty and it was bought at "Tuesday Morning" on sale for $4 something  a skein....a bargain, and Lou loves his socks.
Needles:-Sz #1 as usual!
I'm hoping I knit a lot more in 2012.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and got lots of knitting goodies under your tree!

Friday, November 11, 2011


My daughter is a "Speech Pathologist" and when I saw this hand-puppet pattern I kept saying I'd make it for her....well finally! Since she works in a school system  she had requested braces...I think just to make my life that much more difficult...
Pattern:-Chow, by Anita Mumm Wheeless. It can be found here
Yarn:- Patons Classic Wool, colours, bright red and winter white. I used Araucania Nature Wool, colour #42 for the tongue.
I used Sz#8 Double pointed needles.
Waxed dental floss for each tooth.
For the braces I used DMC Colour Infusions Memory Thread. This thread is a lot heavier than embroidery floss. I  was able to work with it and I made a 'french knot' on the middle of each tooth and then added a line of  stitches!
It really didn't take very long to do and it's so cute....I'm sure she's gonna love this little bit of whimsy!
I am trying to do a few things for Christmas.
Happy knitting everyone!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Felted mittens.

I have started to prepare for winter and as my hands are always so cold I thought I'd knit myself a pair of mittens!
Yarn:-Patons  Classic Wool. Colour:-Grey Mix. I have 5/8 of an ounce I used 3.4 and 3/8oz...almost but not quite a full skein for the large size!
Pattern:-Cuffed Tweed Mittens by H.L. Wintermute and this is from "Interweave Felt" the 2008 issue.
Needles:-The pattern calls for Sz#15, but I only had 10.5 double points so I made the larger size and used them....I know I'm so cheap!
Modifications...or I'd say "tweaks" and who doesn't tweak patterns. I added an I-cord after felting.
 I picked up the stitches after felting and did a 3 inch cuff but I turned it to the inside and tacked it down. These mittens were long enough for me without the cuff going halfway up my arm!
I decided to add a little flower too...I used the picture from the "Rosework Mittens," by Nancy Bush and Jane Fournier from the magazine "Knitting Traditions," 2011. Honestly I hadn't a clue what I was doing and I used leftover sock yarn for the embroidery thread. It's supposed to be "satin " stitch! "Hee, hee" say, ha, me too!
I guess I'm ready to snow blow, and my hands will be warm and the flowers will remind me of warmer days!
Happy knitting everyone.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Duffers...19 row felted slippers!

As you can see these are ballerina felted slippers. You know, I must be in a felting frame of mind, my last few projects are felted!
I decided to make myself a pair...lately it seems I'm always cold. They are so nice and toasty plus fast, we're talking 19 rows here, woo-hoo! I thought while I had everything at hand I'd go ahead and knit Elaine (my friend) a pair for Christmas. She's getting the green ones with the decorative "french knot" embellishments!
Pattern:-on Ravelry This used to be a free pattern but the designer had some copyright issues and she now charges a couple of $$$$$'s! Well worth the price 'tho because these are cute and would made an easy and fast gift!
Needles:-Sz #11
Yarn:- I have a lot of Nature Wool Araucania leftovers and various colours, but any wool works!
Modifications:- I held the yarn doubled and I added a 3st I-cord around the top of the slipper.
I did the medium size US 7/7.5 UK 5 and the slippers are snug and stay on perfectly...of course they do stretch out a bit with wear, but mine don't fall off or anything!
All in all a great pattern!
P.S. I am a very private person...but I did want everyone who visits to know that I had a sudden devastating loss in July and 'tho knitting soothes my soul I can't seem to recapture my passion. I will add that I want to thank everyone who continues to read my blog and I would ask that you bear with me and I would also ask for your kind thoughts and prayers to help me cope! Thank you all.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Old geezer felted dolls..

This is the link for the pattern I used. I know it doesn't really look the same as the pattern version but I just used the doll and added my own "old geezer" touches.
I was asked to make an older guy doll and this was the best.
The dolls were knit on Sz#8 needles using leftover scraps of wool. Different wool felts at a different the doll wearing purple has skinny legs (they felted fast) and more of a fulled face! Awww...I don't think anyone will care!
I made the glasses out of pipe cleaners and using the buttonhole stitch wrapped them in sparkly gray sock yarn! I just needle felted in the hair and beard!
I'm sure the dolls will give a little comfort and be loved!
Happy knitting everyone!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Thumb #2

It is funny how the two "big thumbs" were knit with the same type of yarn following the same directions, on the same size needles, by the same person (hee,hee) and are different...the orange monster is taller and skinnier...oh well, the boys are happy with their "big thumb dolls." and that's all that counts!

Yarn:-Malabrigo worsted weight, colourway #16 Glazed Carrot.

Needles:-Sz#10, 16" circular and 10.5 DP's. I also used Sz#8 for the thumbs!

Pattern:-my own..and I will write it of these days.

This little guy as you can see was knit entirely in one piece...then I felted him..then I added the eyes, nose and big teeth. I knit squares of red and white and felted the pieces and then cut out the eyes etc....this way if the monster gets dirty he can be machine washed in cold and line dried.

We are enjoying "Granny Camp," for the next week and are hoping to go to the no knitting!

Happy knitting everyone!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scary felted monster...with thumbs!

Maybe not so scary.....altho' he does have huge thumbs.
This little guy is for my grandson James. I promised to knit the boys monsters for awhile now so this guy is long overdue! I'm sure he'll be loved!
Yarn:-Malabrigo worsted weight. Colour:-Oceanos. James' favourite colour is blue.
I used almost a full skein, but had more than enough left for seaming!
Needles:-Sz#10.5 and #8 DP's and a 10" circular 16" length.
Basically I used what needles I had, gauge isn't really important!
Pattern:- I made it up as I went along. I am going to knit another one for Will in his favourite colour orange and then I will write down the pattern .
This little guy after felting measures 9" in length from top of ears. The body width is 10" add the arms and it's about 12.5" wide!
I was going for seamless and for the most part he is...however I made the arms separate and after felting attached them to the inside. When I do Will's I plan to do his a little different and pick up the stitches for the arms. This way there will only be an opening across the top of the head to allow for stuffing! I knit a couple of squares in red and white and felted them for the eyes, big teeth and nose. I used my sewing machine to attach them after felting.
He came out pretty good and is so cute!
Happy knitting everyone!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Accessories....felted beads, knit beads and a scarf!

Knit Beads...

I promised Leslie, one of our Saturday morning knitting group a knitted bead necklace.

The pattern can be found here

Things I do different than what is written in the pattern....

I knit these with leftover sock yarn on Sz#1 needles and I use a small wooden ball instead of fiberfill to stuff the bead!

I do love knitting these altho' they are a bit fiddly and all the colour changes mean a lot of ends to weave in!

Felted Beads....

I thought while bead making I'd try my hand at doing felted beads..I used the wet felt technique.

I made a hole in each felted bead and this wasn't easy. Do them when they are wet as that's a little easier, but not much! Let the beads dry for about 48 hrs. I knit an I-cord and strung the beads about 1" apart!

Easy-peasy and I love the solid colours...maybe next time I'll embellish them!


This little scarf is knit with "Socks that Rock" colorway "Fairgrounds." I had only 74 grams of yarn leftover after I finished another project and I couldn't figure out what to knit! I hated the idea of that much yarn laying around unused. I suppose I could have knit footies but I decided on this pattern, and it is called "Fit to be Tied" and it's by Kristi Schuler. I did the increases for 37 grams worth of yarn and then decreased for the other 37 grams. Perfect...the little scarf measures about 8.5" at the centre and it's about 40" long!

I used sz #5 needles.

This is a free pattern and can be found here

Another nice easy pattern but with a lovely eyelet edge!

I am working on a couple of things...but mostly I am spending time outside..I love warm weather!

Happy knitting everyone!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Charity Donations.....

On June 18th., our knitting group is planning to have our "Knit in Public Day!"
The charity we are sponsoring for our day is
"Relay for Life."
Our "Sip and Stitch" group member Sarah has decided to get some donations from local business and of course our group members will do what they can. This is what I have made to contribute so far. I will add a skein of yarn to each bag and I have the book "Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders," edited by Judith Durant to add to the mix. Who knows by the time the 18th rolls around I may have a little something more...but I'm not promising anything!
The Bags....
This is a free pattern and a lovely mindless knit.
This little bag after felting measures 31/2" wide, 12" long and 10" tall.
For the blue/purple bag, I used 2 skeins of Noro #254E (blues, green, purple,) held together with 2 skeins of Araucania Nature Wool # 29 (purple.) I don't remember what yarn I used for the's probably a mohair wool something!
For the green bag, I used 2 skeins held together of Araucania Nature Wool # 27 and 2
skeins of Tahki Kerry colour #5013. I only used the Tahki Kerry for the base and the handles.
For the red bag, I used 2 skeins of Patons Classic Wool Regency held together and 2 skeins of Patons Wool colour Chestnut Brown for the handle. For the sunflower embellishment I used Araucania # 37 yellow and the Patons for the flower centre.
The only changes I made to the pattern was to use an I-cord bind off and to double the yarn for a sturdier bag.
And for the green bag I added 2 cables front and back.
Next:-I am in the process of making some knitting magnets. These are just knit with leftover sock yarn.
I used toothpicks for needles and beads for the needle heads. I attached a self stick magnet bought at Walmart to the back! I plan on making about 20-25 all together.

Finally, I made some "felted soap." I had a bunch of roving I had purchased at
and thought I would try some soap. The soap was easy to felt and looks pretty but doesn't lather very well...I did read somewhere that if you add your own shower gel it lathers nicely and also make sure your felted bar dries out well between uses. The soap smells good and is great for exfoliating your skin, but not worth the my opinion!
Lets hope we make lots of money for our charity. I don't think too many folks will be interested in the knitting stuff..I don't think too many knitters are coming. I am hoping since we are supposed to be celebrating "Knit in Public Day," that I am pleasantly surprised. I would love to introduce people to the craft and exchange ideas with fingers crossed! We have however heard from the Erie groups who are also donating some things! Woo-hoo...thanks guys...we appreciate everything!
Happy knitting everyone,

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I know I have been very neglectful about blogging....two months and nothing written...I'm surprised you all haven't just deserted me!

But...I have managed to finish a little knitting and in my own defense I had two weeks of jury duty during this away time. My oh my, what an experience that was. It was a malpractice suit and the outcome was in favour of the plaintiff...woo hoo!!! I earned the princely sum of $227, met a few nice folk and felt honored to serve! So it wasn't all bad, hee hee!

Now, back to knitting!

I have been working on this little vest and it seems like forever ages! As you can see it is a little big for me..but I'll wear it anyway. The construction is so unusual that I can't figure out a way to take it in, short of ripping and reworking it...which I am definitely at this point not way, no how!!! I tried felting the hell out of it but since the yarn is 75% wool 25% polyamid I had no luck..but it was worth a try! Okay, specs...

Pattern:-Design 6523 Ladies Vest from Regia Magazine 112 by Kaffe Fassett
Needles:- Sz#5

Yarn:-Regia Design Line 6-fadig Landscape Colour Fire 50g. I used 5 balls.

Regia Design Line 6-fadig Mirage Colour Fire 50g. I used 4.5 balls.

This yarn is classified DK weight and I got it at a bargain price at

It was an easy knit but a little tedious at times. The back and cap sleeves are one piece and the patches (mitered squares) are one long scarf, and this is the fronts and collar and part of the back.

I don't think I'd knit another...I'd have to rethink the whole construction thing. I think I'll just stick to more conventional type patterns.

Sooooo, thanks for your patience.

Happy knitting.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Forgive me...I'm obsessed with clothesline bowls/baskets!

And another basket....ummm, at least this one is a little has a lid!
Not quite as crude as my first. I guess it's true practice makes perfect.
I made this one for my daughter. I may make one for my friend Elaine.
I am still knitting my vest and so far have the back done. Pictures soon!
Happy knitting everyone.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fabric covered clothesline basket

I was just playing around on the internet when I saw these fabric covered bowls/baskets and I wanted one.
Since mine is a first's really rough.
I had some fabric strips, and so I just bought some cotton clothesline. If you decide to make one do buy cotton..nylon covered line isn't recommended because you will break your sewing machine needles!
You cover the line with your fabric and do a section of about 12" to 18" and then using a zig-zag stitch start forming your bowl or basket.
Wrapping the line with fabric and cutting the strips was really time least for me!
If you decide to make one, look on the net, there are lots of tutorials.
You know, I think I will try to make a tote bag, although really I should try to stay focused on one project at a time!
Happy knitting everyone.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

22.5 degrees

While I was waiting for my yarn order I decided to cast on something. I was debating knitting socks or a scarf.
I wanted something not too big, not too complicated and would work using wildly variegated sock yarn.
I bought this yarn from and as it was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. That was when I first started knitting socks and I've had it for ages.....I just didn't know what it wanted to be.
Some patterns don't work with yarn this colourful, but this one is a perfect marriage of yarn and pattern.
Yarn:-Opal Neon Colour#1932. This is a mix of blues, reds, pinks and a little purple.
This is a free pattern and I loved knitting it. I started with 3 sts and I stopped at 349sts.
I was afraid I would run out of yarn and I wanted to do the lovely little scalloped edge. This little edge looks a lot like crochet but it is knitted. I had 10 grams of yarn before I started the scallops and 4 grams left after I cast off.
All in all a lovely mindless knit.
I will give this scarf to Lindsay, our waitress at our Saturday morning knitting group. You see I have knit something for everyone and Lindsay does love a scarf.
I finally got my yarn I had on order and I have just started my next project....yeah!!
Happy knitting everyone.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Roses Socks

I started these socks last April and only finished them today. I almost didn't get them done!
I used a pattern from "The Mitten Book." by Ingrid and Inger Gottfridsson.
I charted it out and it worked. I did a tubular cast on and ribbing on top of the toes to match the cuff and heel.
Yarn:-Opal Uni colour Brown. Lang Jawoll superwash colour pink/red.
Needles:-Sz#1 and sz#2. I used the #2 for the colourwork.
Right now I have nothing on the needles although I have some yarn on order.
I don't know who will get the socks...maybe Cath.
Happy knitting everyone.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Loose ends..minions and socks?

Have you all seen the movie "Despicable Me?" I know, I know it's a kids movie, but the grandsons recommended we watch it over the holidays and we all loved it and give it "5" stars!
The "Minions" are all for "world domination" and really adorable. I showed the boys a free pattern for "Minions" I loved on Ravelry and wouldn't you know it they asked me to make them one each!
I will say this hat's off to these folks who can create a pattern after watching a movie etc....I'm in awe of your talent!
This is a free pattern. Thank you
Needles:-Sz#5 DP's as these are knit in the round!
Yarn:-This pattern calls for Aran weight yarn. I used Colinette Jitterbug, colour "Sunflower Susie," for the body, and Zoe Sock Shalimar, colour "Juniper Berry" for the bib overalls. I used the yarn doubled. I only used a little of both plus I used a few strands of black for the hair, shoes, hands.
This was an easy pattern. I had googly eyes and I glued them to shank metal buttons for the eye. Both boys asked for the one-eye version!
I know the boys will love them and use them in their own plans for "world domination!" (hee, hee.)
These socks are for my favourite son-in-law who is very patient. They were part of his Christmas present and very late.....
Pattern:- Ribbed for Lou...
Needles:-Sz#1 DP's
Yarn:-Zoe Sock Shalimar. This was the mystery yarn for the "Ludvine" knit along shawlette but it wasn't working for me as a shawl and I love how Lou's socks knit up!
I also love how this yarn washes and wears!
I think I'm up to date on everything.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday..I know I did.
Happy New Year.
Happy knitting.