Sunday, January 20, 2008

Felted hats.

Haven't been knitting much this year but did manage to finish these hats. I gave one to my daughter and the other has been sent to my mother..who has been asking for a hat! What 'she who must be obeyed' wants she usually gets!!!
Cath's hat:-
Fisherman wool; colour:-Nature Brown 8oz skein..I didn't use it all.
Circular and D.P's needles; Size #10
Pattern:- from the Lewiscraft Corp. (I think it has gone out of business, and that's too bad as I've gotten a few free patterns from their on-line site.)
Ma's hat:-
Patons classic wool; colour :- Burgundy, about 2 skeins.
Same size needles.
I then felted the hat...shaped over a bowl..and air dried.
I added a hat band. I just made a twisted I-cord.
Maybe I'll knit one for myself!!!
Happy knitting,