Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Knitting friends...

I knit these booties/socks when we were told at our knit group meeting Saturday, that Lydia (one of our knitting friends) had a baby girl. The baby's name is Basia? (I think this is the spelling) and this is Polish for Barbara in honour of her Grandma. Sweet!
The baby was born at home and she weighed in at over 10lbs...owwwwww!
Yarn:-Red Heart, 'Heart & Sole.' I used Watercolor Stripe and Ivory!
Needles:-Sz#1 DP's
Pattern:-Just a basic sock knit over 40 sts. I did add the 'Circle Sock Pattern" by Anne Campbell on the cuff. I like to use this pattern on the cuff because it's nice and stretchy and if I know anything it's that this baby is a big girl! The socks look so big to me...I am so out of touch with baby sizes, 'tho better too big than too small!
I am also doing more ornaments for the group for Christmas...shhhh...these are all a surprise and I haven't put them on Ravelry yet!
Pattern:-Knitted Christmas Ornament Covers by Judy Sumner.
Yarn:-Noro Daria. It is like heavy string but the colour lengths are gorgeous. This is colour#5...very like jewel tones. The pic. doesn't do the colour justice!
I wondered if it would fit over the glass ornament and I kept trying it on....just like I do when knitting socks..hee, hee!
Our group has been knitting squares for lap blankets and we have quite a few done. We are also doing caps for the Vets..
I really enjoy hanging out with my knitting friends every Saturday....mostly it's that I love to gab!
Happy knitting everyone.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another fabric strip/rag knit bag

One of my knitting friends asked me why I liked using other materials besides yarn. Ummm, let me see.....I think it's because the finished product has such a unique look.
Here is another little unique fabric bag.
I found the strips and material for lining the bag at a yard sale.
The bag isn't very big. 12" tall; 11" long; 3" wide base.
I used sz#9 needles and the fabric is dense.
I cast on 40 sts and knit a rectangle of 20 rows.
I finished my last row, switched to circular needles and picked up 10sts along the first short side, an additional 40 sts opposite the first 40 sts and 10 more stitches along last short side.
I knit on these 100 sts until I almost ran out of fabric strips.
I then did a 3 st I-cord bind off since it creates a nice slighty rolled edge.
I then turned the bag inside out. I liked the look of the garter texture on the outside.
I added handles from a straw bag I found at the thrift store and then lined the bag.

This is a great little bag...ah but there's the rub, it's a little too small for me. I like to carry a lot of junk! Maybe someone will want it...
Happy knitting everyone.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shades of 'greenjeans'

Here finally is Mr Greenjeans. This is Sarah modelling it for you. All my worries about fit were for's a perfect fit and Sarah loves it!
I finished a couple of days ago but I just got it washed and blocked. Our weather here has been rainy, and it seemed to take forever to dry.
Pattern:-Mr Greenjeans by Amy Swenson from Knitty fall 2007.
Yarn:-Araucania nature wool colour #27 "Pea Green." This yarn is classified worsted weight 'tho I'd say it's more light worsted or a double knit! I have to say I like this weight and I love this yarn. What I didn't like was using two different skeins at once but felt I had to since this yarn is kettle dyed creating big variations in each skein.
Modifications:-On the yoke raglan increases I used a 'make one' (R) or (L) instead of a 'yarn over'. I also did a (R) or (L) twist on the knit 2 between these increases.
I made a shawl collar. To do this I marked where I wanted the collar to end and built up this portion of the collar with short rows 'till I reached the desired length.
I made 6 button holes instead of 1. I love these buttons I picked up a Jo~Ann's...a perfect match!
I decided to go with all cables on the cuff and not do the rib and cable pattern. I felt it was just a little too loose. I added 4" to the body and sleeve length....whew!
I am sooo relieved I'm done.
Did I tell you Sarah made me a beautiful sock bracelet and I decided to knit her this cardigan to say "thanks!"
I am now knitting hats for the VA fast and easy!
I am also working on a new fabric strip bag.
Happy knitting everyone.