Thursday, April 28, 2011


I know I have been very neglectful about blogging....two months and nothing written...I'm surprised you all haven't just deserted me!

But...I have managed to finish a little knitting and in my own defense I had two weeks of jury duty during this away time. My oh my, what an experience that was. It was a malpractice suit and the outcome was in favour of the plaintiff...woo hoo!!! I earned the princely sum of $227, met a few nice folk and felt honored to serve! So it wasn't all bad, hee hee!

Now, back to knitting!

I have been working on this little vest and it seems like forever ages! As you can see it is a little big for me..but I'll wear it anyway. The construction is so unusual that I can't figure out a way to take it in, short of ripping and reworking it...which I am definitely at this point not way, no how!!! I tried felting the hell out of it but since the yarn is 75% wool 25% polyamid I had no luck..but it was worth a try! Okay, specs...

Pattern:-Design 6523 Ladies Vest from Regia Magazine 112 by Kaffe Fassett
Needles:- Sz#5

Yarn:-Regia Design Line 6-fadig Landscape Colour Fire 50g. I used 5 balls.

Regia Design Line 6-fadig Mirage Colour Fire 50g. I used 4.5 balls.

This yarn is classified DK weight and I got it at a bargain price at

It was an easy knit but a little tedious at times. The back and cap sleeves are one piece and the patches (mitered squares) are one long scarf, and this is the fronts and collar and part of the back.

I don't think I'd knit another...I'd have to rethink the whole construction thing. I think I'll just stick to more conventional type patterns.

Sooooo, thanks for your patience.

Happy knitting.