Monday, March 17, 2008

Entrelac socks

I'm posting a pix of one sock because I'm off to Ireland in the morning..a wee emergency has come up! I booked my ticket Thursday. Tomorrow is my travel to Pittsburgh...then Pittsburgh to Newark..Newark to Belfast!!! (I'm dreading this, but maybe it'll be okay!!!) I maybe won't be back for a while!!!
Anyhow, I hope to finish #2 sox there... or the airport would be a good place but I can't remember their knitting needle rules and regulations!!!!
This was my first attempt at entrelac, and I loved it! No need to knit backwards....just a lot of turning!
Pattern:-Annetrelac Socks by Sandy Beadle from 'Interweave Knits Gifts' Holiday 2007. ( I've also knit the 'Little Gems Mitts' and have earmarked other patterns from this (great) edition. )
I used a tubular/sometimes called a kitchener cast on.
Needles:-Sz #1 and #0 DP's
Yarn:- Opal handpaint 'Fall Melody' (The camera doesn't do this yarn justice) It really does look like fall foliage!!!! (On sale at 'Little becoming my favourite site to buy yarn.)
This pattern called for 72sts down to 48sts and the back to 72!! I should probably have cast on 60-64 my usual amount. ( using 72sts was the reason I knit the instep using the 0's.) Don't be afraid to try's really a pleasure.
Happy knitting and happy St. Patrick's Day
Hope to be back soon.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The blues...

These past few weeks have been a bumpy time for us but I did manage to do a little knitting.
(Balm for my soul.)
My mother is having a birthday and the woman who needs and wants nothing did however request socks and slippers...I have yet to do the slippers but here are the socks.
The denim blue were knit using:-
Regia silk; purchased at my LYS.
Sz #1 DP's using 60sts...a little of this pattern and a little of another.
I did do an eye of partridge heel flap just to break up the plain sock.
I loved knitting with the 'Regia Silk' but I did feel the yarn got a little fuzzy! (Hey, maybe it's supposed to be like that???
Next, ''Embossed Leaves" pattern by Mona Schmidt from 'Interweave Knits"
For the 'Embossed Leaves Socks' I used Claudia Hand paint 'Wisteria'
Sz#2 needles (I probably should have used #1's since I do like a denser type sock.)
I did leave off one pattern on the cuff and did an eye of partridge heel flap keeping the 3 stitch garter edge. I have incorporated the garter edge on most socks I knit.
I probably choose the blues because of my mood....couldn't be more apropos!!!
Happy knitting.