Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vespergyles plus...a pesky squirrel.

I know, I know I said no more tampering with patterns...but I just couldn't keep the pesky squirrels off. I mean I had ripped these babies out umpteen
Pattern:- Vespergyles by Elinor Brown. This is a very nice pattern on it's own and it's free.
Squirrel pattern:-I found this guy in the 'Mon Tricot 1030 Stitches patterns,' pages 121-122.
Yarn;-Colinette Jitterbug colourway 'Sunflower Susie' and colourway 'Ginger Cinnabar.' My first time using jitterbug and I must say it's nice yarn.
I'm glad I'm done. I'm now knitting wee Jamsey's socks. His only request was for blue yarn...I know he loves 'Pokemon' but I'm not going down that road again. He's getting just plain blue socks.
Happy knitting.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grubby mitts..

Between fighting with leaves and these mittens I really don't have very much to show.
These mittens are for my friend Elaine. She's been having the devil of a time with pesky 'squirrels' eating her bird seed so....I thought I'd incorporate the 'Sweedish squirrel pattern' on to the 'vespergayle mitten pattern.'
Well it worked okay...but...I just wasn't happy with the result...I just thought there was too much going on. (Although my daughter and eldest grandson loved the squirrels running around the top of the mitten and said maybe I could put squirrels on their stuff! No fear!! [heehee])
Anyhow, I put the mittens on the back burner for awhile and just picked them up and started knitting them again yesterday. I mean I had ripped them out and revised them so many times they were starting to get grubby and I was actually fed up, sick and tired of them!
As you can see I ordered some Christmas yarn for socks for myself but I won't be able to start them them for awhile as I still have to do socks for James and slippers for William.
I'm really not feeling any pressure about getting all my knitting done for Christmas even though I decided to fool around with a perfectly good pattern. Why did I do that? Never ever hope not!!!
Maybe, with all the Christmas ads already I should be feeling under pressure...bah-humbug!!!
Happy knitting.