Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sock yarn blanket

My knitting friend Leslie is having her second baby in November and since I had knitted a blankie for her first it was only right I should knit one for #2 or as we call her "Jellybean!"
Pattern:-Knitted Patchwork Recipe by Martine Ellis. This  blanket is knit in one piece. The little miter squares measure about 2 1/4 inches (unblocked) and you pick up 16 stitches, or cast on 16 stitches  along the  edges and just knit. There are 11 miters across the bottom and 15 miters on the side!! 
Needles:- Sz #2  double points for the little squares and Sz #2 40" circulars for the ruffle! (I used 3  because I had a lotta stitches!)
Yarn:- Mini Mochi. It is sock yarn and the colours are lovely! I'm not sure how it will wash and wear. The reviews are not so favorable!!! I used 10 skeins and 3 were for the ruffle!
Oh well.
It was an easy knit and someday I'll use all my sock yarn scraps and knit myself one...maybe!
Happy knitting, everyone!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not really a Ninja turtle..what a fake!!

I started this little guy last year but put him aside because I had no idea how to make him. You see I had no pattern. Sheesh!
 I saw a pattern for a "Pond Turtle" on but the author didn't seem to be on Ravelry anymore, and I thought how hard could he be? Umm.what is that quotation? "Pride comes before a fall!"   So true!
 I had already made a hexagon blanket and figured  the shell could be made that shape. The shell was done and for the underbelly ( I just started at the center and knit a circle) and I finished off with an I-cord. I felted these two pieces and they just lay in the corner, That part was easy!  My biggest problem would be how to tie the head, feet and tail onto these pieces!!! 
I had wee Adam's birthday coming up in April and decided to try and put something together. If it didn't work out, well I'd just buy him something!!!
As you can see it didn't come out too bad. My grandsons thought he was great and wee Jamsey said he needed a red mask to look like Raphael, I don't think the "Ninja Turtles" have quite so prominent eyes though! LOL
 I did lightly felt the whole thing when I was done and since the shell and underbelly were already felted this gave the legs, head and tail a fulled appearance. This guy is somewhat soft and cushiony!!! So far so good!
And you know......he'll do!!! LOL
I used Paton's wool and sz #10 needles...and I'm sorry I didn't really keep notes. In hindsight I should have! Aww well!!!
Happy knitting everyone!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Soakbox with socks..

Got this little "soakbox"  and right away figured I'd give it to my daughter. One problem though she doesn't knit and a skein of sock yarn would be useless to her.,,ha, ha! Decided I'd knit the socks and give her the box for her birthday! Problem solved.
This is such a cute idea. It comes with yarn, matching nail polish, heel cream, wool wash and a sock pattern!!
This colourway is "Grape Gatsby!"
You know I thought the included pattern was very nice but I decided to go with another I'd always wanted to knit.
Pattern:- Feather and Fan by Judith Sumner from the book SOCKS*SOCKS*SOCKS!
This is such an easy pattern almost mindless. Just 3 rows knit and 1 row pattern! To keep my interest I decided to do the
I have done a Jo Jo heel and I like this heel This new one is similar with a few differences!  I liked how easy it was and I like a wee challenge!
Yarn:- Lorna's Laces. This is nice yarn and I know it will wash and wear well.
Needles:- Sz #2. Call it old age. My Sz #2's were in the package marked Sz #1 and I was halfway done before I realized this..I would never, ever rip back and the size is fine and they feel very comfortable!

I'm sure she'll love them altho  she said she hates to get gifts in case she doesn't and then she'll have to be gracious and just smile. Ha..she can just give it back to me!!!
Happy knitting everyone.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snowflakes for Shirley!

 I bought this mitten kit last year and of course being a procrastinator I just started this project in January..better late than laying in my stash! I had every intention of keeping the mittens, as I have never owned a pair of lined mittens but I decided to give them to Shirley! Now, she may not like the colour and they may not fit her...but isn't it the thought that counts! Besides, Shirley loves winter and loves snow and lives in Pennsylvania..BBBRRR!!  Consider this...Shirley made "vanilla" just before Christmas and out of the blue sent me a big bottle. Do you know how expensive pure vanilla is??? I'll say no more. I do bake lots of cookies at Christmas and I really appreciated her generosity!
Pattern:-"Snowfling Mitts" by Tanis LavallĂ©e
Yarn:-Tanis Fibre Arts yellow label DK Grape and Frost for the outer shell/
             Tanis Fibre Arts purple label cashmere sock yarn jewel tone for the lining!

Needles :- Size #4 for the outer shell and sz#3 for the lining! (I think the suggested needle size was # 3 )
I thought the yarn seemed heavy for a DK weight..but that could be just me!
I honestly didn't  find adding the lining an easy task. Picked up the problem but doing the lining of the first mitt was a bit tedious! I had to measure, rip and adjust a lot!! I made careful notes of what I  had done and the second lining went
 a bit easier. My biggest fear was that the lining would bunch up in the thumb and at the mitten top. I think mine is fairly smooth after lots of ripping and reworking! I thought that maybe if you were to knit a mitten liner separate from the outer shell and then to sew it in might be easier..I dunno!!! Honestly it will be a long time before I do another pair with a liner!! Just saying!
The only change I made was to mirror the <'s  >'s on the cuff.
I have set myself a little challenge for 2014.
A pair of mittens with a liner.
A pair of gloves.
A pair of  doubleknit mittens.
Well, one down..two to go!
Ha, ha!
Happy knitting.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I made a little sheep to keep "Gru" company and my daughter took it! Baaww! My grandsons wanted a sheep each and asked for a blue and yellow one...I was  a little surprised...considering they are 10 and 12...but who knows with kids these days! LOL                                                                                                                                                 
Pattern:- and altho' it is supposed to be knit in rows I just followed the chart and it is knit in the seaming! Ta Da!!!!
Needles:- Sz #5
Yarn:- I used Patons Classic Wool. Black, blue and gold!

As I said I knit these in the round and I changed the face colour to black...just like Irish sheep! I also changed the ears! This was an easy, fun knit!
I also knit this little guy:-

He is just so cute!!!!