Sunday, October 16, 2011

Duffers...19 row felted slippers!

As you can see these are ballerina felted slippers. You know, I must be in a felting frame of mind, my last few projects are felted!
I decided to make myself a pair...lately it seems I'm always cold. They are so nice and toasty plus fast, we're talking 19 rows here, woo-hoo! I thought while I had everything at hand I'd go ahead and knit Elaine (my friend) a pair for Christmas. She's getting the green ones with the decorative "french knot" embellishments!
Pattern:-on Ravelry This used to be a free pattern but the designer had some copyright issues and she now charges a couple of $$$$$'s! Well worth the price 'tho because these are cute and would made an easy and fast gift!
Needles:-Sz #11
Yarn:- I have a lot of Nature Wool Araucania leftovers and various colours, but any wool works!
Modifications:- I held the yarn doubled and I added a 3st I-cord around the top of the slipper.
I did the medium size US 7/7.5 UK 5 and the slippers are snug and stay on perfectly...of course they do stretch out a bit with wear, but mine don't fall off or anything!
All in all a great pattern!
P.S. I am a very private person...but I did want everyone who visits to know that I had a sudden devastating loss in July and 'tho knitting soothes my soul I can't seem to recapture my passion. I will add that I want to thank everyone who continues to read my blog and I would ask that you bear with me and I would also ask for your kind thoughts and prayers to help me cope! Thank you all.

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