Sunday, April 13, 2014

Soakbox with socks..

Got this little "soakbox"  and right away figured I'd give it to my daughter. One problem though she doesn't knit and a skein of sock yarn would be useless to her.,,ha, ha! Decided I'd knit the socks and give her the box for her birthday! Problem solved.
This is such a cute idea. It comes with yarn, matching nail polish, heel cream, wool wash and a sock pattern!!
This colourway is "Grape Gatsby!"
You know I thought the included pattern was very nice but I decided to go with another I'd always wanted to knit.
Pattern:- Feather and Fan by Judith Sumner from the book SOCKS*SOCKS*SOCKS!
This is such an easy pattern almost mindless. Just 3 rows knit and 1 row pattern! To keep my interest I decided to do the
I have done a Jo Jo heel and I like this heel This new one is similar with a few differences!  I liked how easy it was and I like a wee challenge!
Yarn:- Lorna's Laces. This is nice yarn and I know it will wash and wear well.
Needles:- Sz #2. Call it old age. My Sz #2's were in the package marked Sz #1 and I was halfway done before I realized this..I would never, ever rip back and the size is fine and they feel very comfortable!

I'm sure she'll love them altho  she said she hates to get gifts in case she doesn't and then she'll have to be gracious and just smile. Ha..she can just give it back to me!!!
Happy knitting everyone.

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