Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not really a Ninja turtle..what a fake!!

I started this little guy last year but put him aside because I had no idea how to make him. You see I had no pattern. Sheesh!
 I saw a pattern for a "Pond Turtle" on http://ravelry.com but the author didn't seem to be on Ravelry anymore, and I thought how hard could he be? Umm.what is that quotation? "Pride comes before a fall!"   So true!
 I had already made a hexagon blanket and figured  the shell could be made that shape. The shell was done and for the underbelly ( I just started at the center and knit a circle) and I finished off with an I-cord. I felted these two pieces and they just lay in the corner, That part was easy!  My biggest problem would be how to tie the head, feet and tail onto these pieces!!! 
I had wee Adam's birthday coming up in April and decided to try and put something together. If it didn't work out, well I'd just buy him something!!!
As you can see it didn't come out too bad. My grandsons thought he was great and wee Jamsey said he needed a red mask to look like Raphael, I don't think the "Ninja Turtles" have quite so prominent eyes though! LOL
 I did lightly felt the whole thing when I was done and since the shell and underbelly were already felted this gave the legs, head and tail a fulled appearance. This guy is somewhat soft and cushiony!!! So far so good!
And you know......he'll do!!! LOL
I used Paton's wool and sz #10 needles...and I'm sorry I didn't really keep notes. In hindsight I should have! Aww well!!!
Happy knitting everyone!

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