Monday, May 25, 2015

At last...a cardigan for me!

Finished this cardigan, a little while ago.
This yarn was a gift from my friends when I moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland. It is lovely, lovely yarn and has been mocking me to knit something  for a long time. LOL
Pattern:-Love Potion by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne and can be found on Ravelry and is completely seamless!
It was a fairly easy pattern but was not full of a lot of detail, and by that I mean there was minimal  stitch counts for reference. Maybe most folks don't mind that,  it could be just me...I do like an accurate count. (Saves me any bother!)
 I knit the size (L) 45 and I love the fit. I didn't bother with waist shaping. I did however add afterthought pockets by first knitting 15sts; then knitting 23sts on waste yarn, and knitting 13sts to the underarm. I then continued across the back and knit 13sts to the pocket added my waste yarn across 23sts and finished with 15sts to the edge. My pockets measure approximately 4" in height and about 5" wide! I gotta say I love a pocket for a hands etc.!!!!
 I only added 3 buttonholes but if I had wanted to wear this cardigan buttoned I would have probably added 2 or 3  more! I especially love the deep shawl collar!

Yarn:-String Theory, Merino DK colour Raven's Bride. I used approximately 5 skeins.
This pattern suggests a coordinating colour for the I-cord edging around the collar and down the front button hole bands...but I just used the same colour for everything. This is very nice yarn and I enjoyed knitting with it. It is also great to wear. I love the lighter weight!

Needles:-I used Sz # 6 straights and circular!
If I were to knit this again I wouldn't really do anything different. I really do love the fit and altho' the yarn looks very purple in one is more subdued in real life!!!
Happy knitting.

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